Supersapiens terminates all memberships amid ‘strategic restructuring’

American company also suspends shipping of glucose monitors, in a move that has been made due to the “evolving landscape in which we operate”

Clock04:28, Friday 1st March 2024
Supersapiens has terminated all memberships

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Supersapiens has terminated all memberships

Supersapiens, the glucose monitoring tech company, has sent an email to its customers confirming that all memberships have been terminated and shipping for glucose sensors has been halted.

The move is a part of a “strategic restructuring”, according to a message on the company’s website, which it says has come after “a reflection of our commitment to our mission and an acknowledgment of the evolving landscape in which we operate”. Despite what appears to be an uncertain future, the American company has reiterated that its “core mission—to empower athletes with innovative insights into their performance—remains steadfast".

While memberships and the shipping of glucose monitors has been halted, Supersapiens has confirmed in the email, shared on DC Rainmaker, that its app will continue to function as normal for the “foreseeable future”, as well as giving customers access to their “historical data for another 45-60 days”. The app won’t be updated in this time and there won’t be any customer support. Access to its dashboard will end on 31 March and Supersapiens has advised its customers to save any data that they want to keep so that it isn’t lost after this time. All of these measures are consistent with a period of winding down, suggesting the company could be set for closure.

A relatively new company, Supersapiens was founded in 2019 by Phil Southerland, who is also the founder of Team Novo Nordisk, a team that only recruits type-1 diabetic riders. It offers a real-time glucose monitoring system, consisting of a small biosensor that sticks to the back of your arm and an app that the monitor communicates with.

The technology became popular among pro athletes, including Kristen Faulkner, whose use of a Supersapiens glucose monitor at the 2023 Strade Bianche became embroiled in controversy. After a long solo breakaway, the American was reeled in on the final climb by SD Worx duo Demi Vollering and Lotte Kopecky, before holding on for third.

That result was taken away when the UCI announced that Faulkner had subsequently been disqualified for falling foul of rule 1.3.006 BIS, which states that “devices which capture other physiological data, including any metabolic values such as but not limited to glucose or lactate are not authorised in competition”. Supersapiens’ announcement coincidentally comes just days before the 2024 edition of Strade Bianche.

In its announcement, the company also thanked its customers while referring to a “new chapter”, suggesting that it may continue in some form.

“Our reflection on this journey is filled with gratitude for every athlete, partner, investor, and supporter who has been a part of our story,” it said on its website. “Your passion, dedication, and commitment to pushing the envelope have been the driving force behind our mission and will continue to guide us as we move forward.

“Thank you for your belief in us, for challenging your limits, and for joining us on this incredible journey. As we step into this new chapter, we are filled with optimism and excitement for what the future holds, confident that it will be as passionate, dedicated, and committed to excellence as the path we have travelled together.”

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