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We'd love to hear about your latest cycling experiences, whether it's a genius hack or your latest bike project. Here's how you can share them with us

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Dan Lloyd and Si Richardson regular GCN presenters on The GCN Show


Dan Lloyd and Si Richardson are regular presenters on The GCN Show

Did you know that you can share photos and details of your bikes, your cycling hacks, or anything cycling related that inspires you with us here at GCN?

Better still, you may even see your submission shared with our global audience on our weekly GCN Show, GCN Tech Show, across our social media or on the pages of this very website. We really value the input from our online community and love to hear from you, so here's how you can share details of your cycling passion with us.

How to upload your photos

The process is really simple. Just follow the instructions on our GCN Uploader at the link below, fill in the details, attach your photos and hit upload. That’s all it takes.

  • First select the channel you’d like to upload to, from GCN or GCN Tech. You can also upload to our other channels if you like by selecting GMBN, GMBN Tech, EMBN or GTN
  • Select the category you want to upload to: Bike Vault, Hack or Bodge, etc
  • Fill out the fields with some specific information and details about your submission. The more detail you give us the more we’re able to talk about it on the shows
  • Then click to upload your photos
  • Watch the weekly shows to see if you’ve been included and what our presenters have to say about your submission
  • We’ll also be including our pick of the best submission each week here on the GCN website

About our weekly shows

Each week we release a new episode of The GCN Show on a Tuesday and the GCN Tech Show every Thursday.

In case you haven’t seem them (there’s really no good excuse why you shouldn’t have), here’s a brief summary of what they're all about.

The GCN Show

New episode: Every Tuesday

Hosted by Simon Richardson and Dan Lloyd, the main show takes a light-hearted look at some of the biggest stories from the world of cycling each week and their potential impact on us all as cyclists. The show also has regular features of Cycling Shorts, Caption Competition, Your Comments and loads more interesting cycling stories that you might have missed.

Hack/Bodge of the week

This is the part of the show dedicated to our viewers. The premise is simple. Send us photos and a description of your homemade cycling related fixes and each week Dan and Si will consider the solution before deciding whether it’s a Hack or a Bodge.

A 'Hack' is a fantastic piece of ingenuity or invention that’s either given you a quick fix to help you get home when no proper resources where available, or a neat longer term solution to a nagging problem we’ve all encountered at some point or other.

A 'Bodge', on the other hand, that’s a dodgy attempt at a fix that either looks a little ragged, doesn't look like it will ever actually work or is simply a downright safety hazard, the use of which would likely result in serious problems.

If you need any more clarification on just how this works check out the selection of the best Hacks and worst Bodges from the last few years in this episode of The GCN Show.

If you have something you think fits the bill then upload a few images so we and the viewers can clearly see what’s going on, and give us plenty of detail about how it works, or doesn’t…

The GCN Tech Show

New episode: Every Thursday

The Tech Show is hosted by a combination of our expert tech presenters, usually fronted by Alex Paton and Ollie Bridgewood but also Manon Lloyd and Conor Dunne. The team look through the hottest tech stories of the week, closely analysing the latest product releases and tech innovations, and discussing the impact they might have on the bikes we ride and the way we ride them.

Bike Vault

This is the part of the show that relies on our community. We encourage you to upload photos of your pride and joy and then we decide whether they are worthy of a ‘Nice’ vote or a ‘Supernice’ and a ring of the famous bell.

Now, we should be very clear here. We love all bikes, which is why no bike submitted can be anything less than ‘Nice’ in our eyes. We do have our own set of slightly tongue-in-cheek criteria that help elevate your bike into the ‘Supernice’ category, though. This is as much about the care that’s been taken in presenting your bike to the Bike Vault as the actual bike itself. Even though Ollie would have you believe this is a matter of life and death, it is intended as just a bit fun.

In case there’s any doubt to these strict rules here’s Alex with a little explainer.

Watch on YouTube

Rules of the Bike Vault

  • Valves need to be aligned with tyre logos, and aligned front and rear wheel
  • Cranks need to be in horizontal position, driveside crank pointing forwards
  • Pedals must be level
  • Big chain ring, chain needs to be in the bottom of the cassette
  • Single chainring bike, the middle of the cassette is acceptable
  • Try and get your bike as upright as possible, with minimal lean
  • Do not put it on any jagged rocks or walls that could scratch the bike
  • Nice clean background, with no mess so the bike takes centre stage
  • Minimal clutter on the bike - ditch all that bikepacking gubbins!

Okay, now that’s clear, all that remains is to submit your photos and details via the uploader.

Thanks for getting involved and happy riding!

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