Could faecal transplants be the next doping innovation? - The GCN Show

Dan Lloyd and Si Richardson sit down in the studio to look at one of the more peculiar means of performance enhancement, whilst we have news of an exciting competition

Clock09:31, Wednesday 31st January 2024

There could be a new 'movement' in doping on the horizon but this is one that you probably weren't expecting. In this week's GCN Show, Dan Lloyd and Si Richardson bring forward two medical reports which seem to have unearthed a new method of performance enhancement.

The answer is not in blood transfusions, narcotics or even the lesser-spotted motor doping, but in human faeces. We sh*t you not – human poo could be the next frontier of performance enhancement in cycling.

Faecal transplants in humans have long been used to treat chronic C Diff infections, and the idea is to improve gut health. Certain types of bacteria have been linked by multiple studies to improve athletic and endurance performance, as shown by research completed by Harvard University on Boston Marathon runners and the Connecticut Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine on elite cyclists.

From the comfort of their studio stools, Dan and Si wrap their heads around this messy discovery and ponder whether faecal transplants would be seen as an acceptable method of improving people's quality of life, or a blatant example of cheating/doping in cycling. Which side of the fence do you fall on? Let us know in the comments below.

Elsewhere, the guys cast an eye over Campagnolo's latest set of Bora wheels that were launched on Tuesday, bring some inside gossip on the incredible fitness of the recently-retired Greg Van Avermaet, and bring you news of an exciting competition that is currently underway.

Read more: Lighter, more aerodynamic and better performance: Campagnolo launches new Bora wheels

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Hacks and Bodges

Time for your Hacks and Bodges that have been submitted over the past week. Don't forget to submit an entry via our uploader if you have something you would like to share, and please include as much detail as possible.

Mike West's homemade keyboard for indoor training

Mike from Sussex is rather proud of his effort at simplifying the indoor training experience. He has affixed a mini-keyboard to a Garmin mount, which acts as a music track changer, a touchpad and a keyboard - and all for just £14.49.

A rather ingenious storage method from David

David from Whitley Bay is taking no half-measures when it comes to maintenance storage: "I have converted a used CO2 cartridge into a storage container for my tyre plug spares and patches. I cut the bottom end off cartridge and plugged it with an old bar end. This all fits into the pump handle along with a full cartridge and plug tool so I have all my tyre needs in one place now."

Robert has no issue hanging up his Garmins!

Our next entry comes from Robert, whose family owns a plethora of bicycles and quickly runs out of storage solutions for all the accompanying kit, equipment and devices. Not to worry, though, because Robert is on hand to manufacture a wall holder for their collection of Garmin smart computers.

With a piece of scrap wood and Garmin holder inserts sourced from a notoriously cheap - if not official - online cycling website, Robert has produced both a display home and storage solution for their computers.

Dan from the United States creates quite a light display

This week's last entrant hails from St Charles, Illinois, with Dan keeping his explanation short but sweet: "I built a hanging light using an old wheel with a 10-speed hub and leftover parts from a pendant light project."

Coming up on the channel this week*

Wednesday 31 January: How to get the most out of interval training with Manon Lloyd

Thursday 1 February: GCN takes a top secret new bike for a first ride

Friday 2 February: Does cross-training work? It's time to summarise the 30 in 30 challenge

Saturday 3 February: Ollie Bridgewood investigates the science behind weight loss

Sunday 4 February: Alex Paton joins Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell on a gravel ride in Australia

*Video schedules are subject to change

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