GCN’s new Pro Team kit revealed: The GCN Show

Si Richardson and Dan Lloyd take a first look at our new kit produced by new brand partner AGU and round up the other hot topics in the world of cycling this week

Clock14:43, Wednesday 17th January 2024

There’s big news from the GCN studios this week as Dan Lloyd and Si Richardson reveal our new Pro Team kit which is produced by new brand partner AGU. We’re super happy with the kit, as it returns to our traditional GCN red colour and you’ll be seeing loads more of it as all our presenters will be wearing it in our channel videos from here on in. And you can also buy it from the GCN shop, where there’s a full range of different styles and options available.

Si and Manon Lloyd give us a bit of background to Dutch clothing company AGU, who also supply kit to Team Visma-Lease a Bike, and most importantly take us through the pronunciation of the name – it’s ‘Ahg-hoo’ apparently.

Now the kit is out there, we’d love to know what you think – let us know in the comments below.

Cycling Shorts

Elsewhere the guys delve into that most mysterious of topics, the ‘spirit of gravel’. This is based on an article we ran recently on our site following top US gravel riders Keegan Swenson, Russell Finsterwald, Kerry Werner and Cody Cupp as they headed off on a five-day gravel adventure in search of the elusive ‘spirit’.

Dan and Si discuss the theories behind the trip which includes an intriguing Venn diagram consisting of friendship, adventure and… training. Does this make sense and is the spirit of gravel to be found at the centre?

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There’s also heartwarming news of a couple that got married during this year’s Strathpuffer event, a 24-hour mountain bike marathon, in Scotland; the news that WorldTour team Lotto Dstny will be riding Orbea bikes for 2024 and that Groupama FDJ are now using Wilier bikes.

Have you taken on our 30 in 30 challenge yet? This is where we’re encouraging you to get 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days through January. There’s even a rest day at the end, which is er, handy, as someone couldn't count the number of days in January. You can still get involved by following one of our daily presenter-led rides. These are non-drop rides so you don’t need to worry about keeping to a certain high-intensity pace. Just turn up, ride and enjoy the chat, it's as simple as that!

Hack and Bodges

Don’t forget you can submit your Hacks and Bodges via the uploader and please try and include as much information as possible in the description so we can work out exactly what’s going on! On to this week’s selection…

Rocker plate alternative from Pat

Submitted by Pat in Minnesota, USA. This is a cheap alternative to a rocker plate and consists of two generic balance pads ($18 dollars each) cut in half and placed under the Kickr core legs. There's enough motion to increase riding comfort and yet it remains very stable, even on the sprints. What do you think though?

String Shifter from Fabien

There’s a story behind this one from Tasmania-based Fabien, we’ll let them explain. “On a multi-day touring trip in Tasmania, three days (350km) away from finishing the trip, I stacked on loose gravel. While I only scratched my elbow and hip, I did snap my STI shifter (gear shifter + front brake as this is Australia). I refused to end the trip there and managed to re-attach the shifter with a piece of string! It allowed me to finish the trip, including going down a 10km downhill (front brake was definitely required!) and shifting worked pretty well too! I'm now always going to add a piece of string to my tool bag!

Handlebar zip-tie storage from David

According to David, handlebars are an underused storage space and so he rectifies this by stashing an assortment of zip-ties there in case they're ever needed. They weigh nothing and you’d never know they’re there, apparently. What will Si have to say about this one?

Coming up on the channel this week*

Wednesday 17 January - How to train from ground zero. Conor Dunne gives tips to those who have had a baron spell when it comes to training (one that Lloydie will be watching)

Thursday 18 January - Tips to keep you warm and dry on winter rides with Conor Dunne

Friday 19 January - Do heavier riders descend faster? We test this out by wearing a 25-kilo weight vest!

Saturday 20 January - The big one. Dan Lloyd takes on Sepp Kuss and Jonas Vingegaard

Sunday 21 January - Alex Paton rides up Willunga Hill with Richie Porte

*please note our video schedule is subject to change

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