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Precision Fuel & Hydration provide personalised fuel and hydration products and plans to help athletes optimise performance

Precision Fuel & Hydration
Precision Fuel & Hydration

Precision Fuel & Hydration was launched in the UK in 2011 by Andy Blow. Andy used to race elite short course triathlon and was a regular podium finisher but struggled in hotter conditions and over longer IRONMAN distances. Determined to find the root cause, he investigated his symptoms of bad cramping and other hydration-related issues, including hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels). While he thought he was hydrating well at the time and following widely accepted advice, he quickly learned his strategy was missing adequate sodium. 

His degree in Sport and Exercise Science aided his process of trial and error to work out exactly how to manage his sodium and fluid levels for sustained performance.

During this period he enlisted the help of respected heart surgeon, Dr Raj Jutley, who explained the large differences in sweat and sodium losses between individuals. Together they looked at how an already established method of Sweat Testing (utilised in Cystic Fibrosis diagnostics) could help identify this discrepancy in athletes, leading to a solution that helped launch Precision Fuel & Hydration.

The company has since gained exclusive access to patented at-rest, non invasive Sweat Testing technology, offered at Sweat Test centers all over the globe, as well as developed hydration products and programs to meet the specific needs of individual athletes.

Sweat Testing

Our mission is to give every athlete access to a personalized hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

Andy Blow
Founder of Precision Fuel & Hydration

Products and Programs

In the more recent years, Precision Fuel & Hydration branched out into fueling products, offering carbohydrate drinks, gels and chews to help athletes tackle all three levers of performance nutrition: carb, sodium and fluid. Their evidence-based, algorithm-powered online planner provides tailored race strategy plans for how to use these key three components, taking into account sport, goals, weather conditions, estimated sweat losses, etc.

Fuel Gels (from 30g to 300g of carb), chews, drink mixes (with and without electrolytes)

Hydration Tablets and packets (varying strengths depending on sweat sodium losses), electrolyte capsules

Pro Cycling

We used around 280 bottles of Carb Only Drink Mix during the Tour. It really helped us tailor each rider’s plan to their individual needs in different stages. It’s very easy to use, for me when planning race intakes, as well as for the soigneurs when they’re preparing the bottles.

Britt Lambrecht
Team Nutritionist - Team Lotto Dstny

Precision Fuel & Hydration works with athletes across a range of sports, including pro cycling, providing support through Sweat Tests, fuel and electrolytes, and race strategies backed by the latest scientific research. Some of the highlights on their roster include:

  • Lotto Dstny
  • Team DSM-Firmenich
  • John Borstelmann - 3x Gravel Worlds Champion
  • Danni Shrosbree - British Gravel Champion
  • Tracy Moseley - World Downhill and Enduro MTB Champion

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