5 Hardest Core Exercises For Cyclists | How To Get A Rock Hard Core

Published on January 5th 2019


Are you finding your core workouts too easy? Give Emma's 5 hardest core workouts a try, do you think you can complete all of them? Subscribe to GCN: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN Register your interest in the GCN Club: https://gcn.eu/15c Get exclusive GCN gear in our shop: https://gcn.eu/15d Swiss Ball Burpee: With your feet on a swiss ball, move yourself into a press-up position, make sure your back is completely flat. Crunch your knees to your chest, then raise your bum as high into the air as possible, and finally do a press-up. That's one rep! Chin-up/windscreen wiper: On a chin-up bar, lift yourself until your arms are at right angles at the elbow. Then bring your knees to your chest and slowly swing them to either side of your body. Make sure your chest keeps pointing forwards. Swiss ball 3 legged dog: In the same press up position as before, remove one leg from the swiss ball and kick your heel up into the air (keeping a straight leg). Next, bring that knee to your chest and move it across your body. Repeat with the other leg. Jump from seated: Sit on the edge of a bench with your legs slightly straighter than right angles. Lift one leg off the floor. Then stand up and jump as high as possible on one leg, and sit back down. Still with your other leg off the ground. To make this even harder, try carrying light weights! Swiss ball hamstring curl: This is the same as the hamstring curl in Emma's previous core workout, but with added wobbling! If you add some shaking from the foot on the swiss ball this can strengthen your stabilising core muscles. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - https://gcn.eu/15e Watch more on GCN... 📹 Beginner Core Workout https://gcn.eu/6Core Music: Epidemic Sound Beats Generation 1 - Niclas Gusstavon Anima - Harvio Movin' In - Barbatula Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto / http://www.bettiniphoto.net/