Is A Cyclist's Body A Healthy Body? | GCN Show Ep. 589

Clock16:06, Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Cyclists are known for their lean physiques. To some outsiders, they might appear "skinny" and "weak", and while we know that this isn’t the case, Dan & Si still tackle the debate head-on! In this week's show they dive into whether a cyclist's physique is truly the pinnacle of fitness ...or not!

Plus, Dan & Si cover all the latest cycling news from this past week, give you a rundown of the hottest bike tech seen at Sea Otter, and much more!

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The latest in cycling news 2:23
Is a cyclist’s body actually healthy? 3:15
All the arguments FOR 4:16
All the arguments AGAINST 8:51
Does a cyclist’s body LOOK healthy? 12:33
Cycling Shorts 14:42
Our new editions of cycling kit - almost sold out! 19:08
Winner of our Topeak Competition! #AD 19:55
Hack/Bodge of the week 20:22
Caption competition 28:54
Comment of the week 32:10
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