Chris Froome receives custom Factor O2 VAM during factory tour

The four-time Tour de France champion was handed a very personal version of the O2 VAM

Clock15:20, Friday 13th October 2023
Chris Froome kneels behind the eye-catching bike during his recent visit to the Factor manufacturing facility

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Froome received the eye catching bike during his recent visit to the Factor manufacturing facility

Chris Froome (Israel Premier-Tech) has recently been in Taiwan visiting the Factor Bikes manufacturing facility, where he has been presented with a custom version of the O2 VAM.

Froome has two connections to Factor. First of all, the brand provides bikes to the UCI WorldTour team he rides for, and secondly, Froome is an involved investor in the company.

During his visit to the Factor factory, Froome was handed a custom-painted O2 VAM with some personal touches that are designed to reflect his character.

First of all, there's the striking orange-to-black fade across the frame, but looking closer, the bike is emblazoned with African wildlife. This is a nod both to Froome’s upbringing in Kenya and South Africa, and to his well-documented love of wildlife – Froome is an ambassador for United for Wildlife.

Froome took the first of his four Tour de France titles in 2013 when he became the first African-born rider to seal overall victory. Froome developed his love for riding on the orange dusty roads surrounding Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Although he was born and raised in Africa, since his mother is British, Froome races under the colours of Great Britain. He represented Team GB at the London and Rio Olympic Games, and raced for British outfit Team Sky during his seven successful Grand Tour campaigns. This British heritage is celebrated on this bike, with a British flag on the fork.

Upon receiving this surprise bike, Froome said: "It caught me off guard completely. I didn’t come here expecting any sort of surprises or gifts in that sense, so it completely caught me off guard.

"It’s an amazing surprise because it just has so many elements that are quite personal to me on the bike, that encompass my upbringing in Africa, my love for wildlife with the rhino on the bike, and also the Union Jack, not forgetting that I am British, but with a bit of a twist in there too.

"There’s a lot of very personal design and something that was really well thought-out. And it looks cool too."

The factory tour marked the first time Froome has actually met the Taiwanese division of Factor in person; up until this point any meetings have been held remotely.

"It's the first time I've actually been able to come and meet all the people I've been speaking to and chatting to over email, but also just seeing how the whole process goes together, how all the pieces of the puzzle fit," he said.

"This is the first time I've seen the full picture right here, and it's amazing. I had no idea that it was so hands-on with labour, the frames are really handmade."

In case you missed it when it came out, Froome has also done his own 'special' bike check of his team edition Factor Ostro VAM.

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