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Wahoo has announced two new products to fit into its existing product line – the Kickr Move and the Kickr Bike Shift

Wahoo releases two new indoor trainers: Kickr Move and Kickr Bike Shift

Kickr Move sees an evolution of the Kickr series to incorporate dual-axis movement, while the Kickr Bike Shift is a budget-friendly full-bike set-up

Clock12:01, Tuesday 12th September 2023

Wahoo has released two new indoor trainers, expanding its range with the Kickr Move and the Kickr Bike Shift.

It is that time of year, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, where the cycling community's attention starts to turn towards indoor riding. For many, autumn and winter riding loses its appeal a little with dark evenings and treacherous roads to contend with, which is where indoor trainers step in to help.

Wahoo has today unveiled a new range-topping model, the Kickr Move, with more immersive features, alongside a more budget friendly option in the form of the Kickr Bike Shift.

Wahoo Kickr Move

So let's take a closer look at the first of Wahoo's launches: the new range-topping Kickr Move. This builds on the success of the Kickr platform by adding in dual-axis movement that allows your bike to move freely under you, much like it would out on the road. The addition of this feature will be greatly received by Zwift racers and by people who like to ride out of the saddle as it allows the natural movement of the bike to carry across to indoor riding.

The Kickr Move features a lot of shared functionality with the existing Kickr, meaning that the power accuracy remains at +/- 1% and a maximum resistance of 2,200 watts can be applied through the system. Although the Kickr Move does come stocked with a cassette, the slight drawback is that it is 11-speed rather than the more up-to-date 12-speed that a lot of riders are using.

The total weight of the trainer has gone up from 22kg to 29kg with the new dual-axis movement, meaning this trainer is definitely more for those looking to keep their set-up fixed in one place.

Wahoo has also released an adapter for the Kickr Climb so that this can still be used for gradient simulation in conjunction with the Kickr Move. Combining the Kickr Move and the Kickr Climb with the adapter will give a total of three axes of movement.

Wahoo has also spent some time developing an accompanying app that will run through the set-up and maintenance of the Kickr Move. "The new digital out-of-box experience is combined with an all-new more eco-friendly packaging to make the set-up process as easy as possible," says the brand.

Compatibility and pricing

The Kickr Move is compatible with 700c, 650b and 29-inch wheel sizes and will retail for $1,599.99 / £1,399.99 / €1,599.99, putting it above the existing Kickr by £300.

Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift

Wahoo has also released a new complete indoor bike to sit alongside the current Kickr Bike. The Kickr Shift comes in at a lower price point than the existing Kickr Bike as well as using a new brake and belt-drive system that allows for fast changes in resistance to better match gradient changes whilst virtual riding.

The Kickr Shift has what Wahoo is calling a 'reality shift' with realistic shifting on the handlebars that is said to replicate the feel of being on your road bike. It can even match your gear ratios to your actual bike.

As the Kickr Bike Shift does come in at a lower cost than the flagship Kickr Bike, there are a few omissions that deviate from the top-tier Kickr bike. Most notably the Shift does not have any gradient simulation. This is an obvious place to reduce the cost by having a static platform that is fixed in place. It can still mimic the resistance of riding up a hill to a maximum gradient of 20%, but without putting the riding in the physical position. There is also no screen to display resistance or what gear you are in.

In order to get the bike set up correctly and to give you the best experience, Wahoo has also developed an in-app guide to dial in every part of the five-point adjustment system specifically to you. The app can also be used for the initial assembly of the trainer, much like with the Kickr Move.

Compatibility and pricing

The Wahoo Kickr Shift indoor trainer bike will retail for $2,999.99 / £2,699.99 / €2,999.99 bringing it to market at £800 less than the Kickr Bike but double that of the current flagship Kickr trainer.

For more information on the latest products from Wahoo head over to their website for a comprehensive rundown of the trainers and their associated compatibility. Equally, if indoor training is something new to you, why not check out our how to guide or our getting started with Zwift guide?

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