All-new Canyon Grail gains in-frame storage and seamless bar integration

The race-orientated offering from the German brand has some major changes including in-frame storage and the omission of the Grail's trademark hoverbar

ClockUpdated 09:32, Thursday 12th October 2023. Published 09:00, Thursday 12th October 2023

Canyon has revealed its all-new gravel racing bike with an overhaul to the Grail name, plus slight changes to the design with a more traditional cockpit configuration as well as in-frame storage and greater adaptability to meet the varying needs of gravel riding.

Following in a similar vein to the newly released Endurace, Canyon has looked at making the new Grail a faster bike as a system, pairing comfort and control with aerodynamic optimisation. One of the ways that Canyon has looked to symbiotically optimise functionality and performance is with the ‘Aero load system'. This partners the in-frame storage from the Endurace with an external frame bag called the ‘LOAD FidLock QuickLoader'. This hides any kit or spares behind the head tube, resulting in a more aerodynamic profile than without the frame bag fitted.

Canyon has spent some time back at the drawing board when it comes to the bike's geometry. A lot has changed in the world of gravel since the Grail originally launched back in 2018 and Canyon say that the changes "add stability while maintaining agility, and the Grail’s trademark compliance is still present with a seatpost concept adapted from the Ultimate road line-up, yet optimised for performance gravel riding".

Aesthetically the most noteworthy change to the new Grail is the cockpit. The new CP0039 ‘double drop’ handlebar adds the ability to neatly integrate aero extensions to the bar, borrowing technology from the Speedmax time trial bike. The ‘gear groove’ can also double up as a mounting point for head units or other devices, when the aero extensions are not fitted.

Canyon has made the new Grail adaptable to the individual demands of each ride, with a large range of compatible accessories that can convert a pared-down gravel race bike to an all-day epic adventure bike. This includes fork sleeves that function as additional mounting points and full-length mudguards.

Grail gets the CFR treatment

Canyon has added a new tier to the Grail range, with a range-topping CFR model. Compared to the new Grail CF SLX, the Grail CFR frameset is 118g lighter while the frame is 10% stiffer when it comes to power transfer measured at the bottom bracket and head tube. It was upon the all-new Grail CFR that Carolin Schiff rode to victory at this year's Unbound 200 gravel race. Canyon claims that the CFR platform offers the "fastest, most efficient gravel bike" the brand has made.

The range

Canyon will be offering builds across a three-tiered range, starting with the Grail CF SL at the more affordable end of the price range. The Grail CF SLX occupies the middle tier of the Grail family, making space for the Grail CFR to top the range.

Grail CF SL

Starting at €2,699, the Grail CF SL offers a competitive package for an entry-level carbon-framed gravel bike. Canyon has achieved this by omitting some spec choices that are found on the higher-spec models. The CF SL frames do not come complete with LOAD Down Tube Storage, however the LOAD Fidlock Quickloader is still compatible. Canyon also ship all CF SL models with a different CP0045 cockpit.

Grail CF SLX

The CF SLX range packs all the functionality mentioned above in to its form, with both the AeroLOAD down tube storage and CP0039 cockpit with gear groove for mounting lights, head units or aero extensions. Canyon offers the CF SLX in both one-by and two-by configurations. The GRX Di2-equipped Grail CF SLX 8 Di2 comes in at €4,999 and the SRAM Force and Zipp 303 Firecrest-adorned Grail CF SLX 8 AXS is €5,299.

Grail CFR

The flagship models in the new Grail range are built around the lightest framesets and overall builds. Canyon offers two CFR builds as standard with one limited-edition model upon release. The Grail CFR Di2 will cost €6,999, joined by the SRAM Red AXS-equipped Grail CFR AXS that will retail for €7,999. Finally, just 70 Grail CFR LTD limited launch editions in the standout GRVL DZZL design will be available worldwide for €10,000.

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