Documentary: Conor Dunne takes on the infamous Unbound gravel race

An up-close, no-holds barred look at GCN presenter Conor Dunne’s experience as he battles the brutal gravel race Unbound 200

Clock13:50, Tuesday 3rd October 2023

The Unbound 200 is the biggest gravel race in the world. Over 1500 riders made up of amateurs and pros signed up this year for what is a brutal and punishing test of physical endurance and mental toughness.

Starting in the Midwest town of Emporia, Kansas, riders embark on a 205-mile slog across the unforgiving Kansas landscape. It’s something that has always held a curious fascination in the mind of GCN Presenter and ex-pro cyclist Conor Dunne and so finally, for this 2023 edition he set off to find out what it takes to survive such a challenging experience and why a huge community of riders comes back again each year to take part.

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In this new film from GCN+ Conor is joined by his father John as his all-important support crew and calls on the experience and knowledge of the first ever winner of the event Dan Hughes; race director Ben Sachs; and 2022 champion Ivar Silk to as he tries to glean the best possible advice before setting off on his quest to conquer this now iconic race.

And once the race gets underway the film follows Conor across every challenging section of that 205-mile route and all the emotions, pain and physical exertion he experiences as he tackles tyre-slashing flint, thick, sticky mud and crippling heat on his way to the finish.

As Conor's dad John says: “It’s a bike race, but it’s not a bike race – it’s a survival race.”

UNBOUND is out now on GCN+. Watch on demand and explore more of our extensive collection of exclusive and original cycling films.

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