Favero Assioma PRO MX power meter pedals come in cheaper than the competition

The second generation of power pedal from Favero hits a consumer-friendly price point

Clock18:30, Tuesday 20th February 2024
Available as a single or dual-sided meter the Assioma Pro MX is ideal for gravel riders

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Available as a single or dual-sided meter the Assioma Pro MX is ideal for gravel riders

The latest release from Favero is its latest generation power meter pedal called the Assioma Pro MX. This uses the familiar Shimano MTB SPD cleat design with the target audience the off-road sector making it an attractive option for a data-loving gravel or XC rider.

The current Assioma model that the Pro MX joins is based around a road cleat system but most notably requires the addition of external pods to house the electronics that transmit the data from the pedal to a head unit. This has been done away with for the Pro MX and with a new spindle design space has been found inside the pedal body itself to house the electronics.

With a claimed accuracy of +/-1% the pedals are up there with the other pedal-based power meters hitting the industry standard for accuracy. With both single and dual-sided models available they also appeal to a wider range of riders with those looking to get started with power meters able to save on the cost of investing in a dual-sided system. At €499 / $450 for a single-sided pair and €750 / $759 for a dual-sided pair the Assioma Pro MX pedals come in under the price of both Garmin’s Rally pedal system and Wahoo’s Speedplay Powerlink pedals.

The Assioma Pro MX pedals also use a rechargeable battery system rather than the coin cell style that Garmin uses in its Rally pedals. This has the advantage of making it easier to weather seal the system however, it does mean that another bespoke charger will need to be bought with you on any riding trips. With a claimed life of 60 hours between charge cycles, it will need charging more frequently than other meters on the market.

With active temperature compensation, these pedals should retain accuracy during a ride even if the temperature varies from start to finish. If you frequently find yourself heading off for early rides before the temperature has stabilised for the day then a power meter with temperature compensation will massively increase the credibility of the data throughout the ride.

Depending on the model the pedals can provide the typical cadence, and total power and for the dual-sided model left and right balance. Joining these are additional metrics Favero is calling ‘cycling dynamics’ which can record when you were riding in or out of the saddle and power phase.

At 192 grams per pedal, they are competitive on the weight front and at €499 / $450 for a single-sided pair, and €750 / $759 for a dual-sided pair represent remarkable value.

Are you tempted by the new pedals? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stay up to date with all the latest tech news in our dedicated tech news section.

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