Should I Replace My Carbon Frame? | Ask GCN Anything Cycling

Published on March 17th 2017


This week Simon answers your cycling questions including "When Should I Replace My Carbon Frame?" Leave your questions for us using the hashtag #TorqueBack on social media. Subscribe to GCN: Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN shop! If you would like to have your cycling questions answered, simply write into us on social media using the hashtag #TorqueBack and we will do our best to answer them! This week Ex-Professional Cyclist Simon Richardson answers your questions that have been submitted on social media using the hashtag #TorqueBack This week's questions that Simon tackles include - How do I know when my carbon frame needs to be replaced? - Is water trapped inside a carbon frame dangerous? - What is fasted training? - My penis goes numb when I cycle, what is the problem? - I can't keep muscle mass despite riding three times a week, any advice? - I ride alone and love to stop for coffee, should I take a bike lock with me? - I am going to try "everesting" this year, any tips for pacing myself? - How do I stop bouncing on the rollers when I ride flat out? - What are the benefits of motor-pacing? - What makes the best body composition for a cyclist? - Do teams carry race leaders jerseys with them? - Do track sprinters change bikes between rounds depending on tactics? - Should I leave my bike in a certain gear when not using in? - Do professional cyclists take their mobile phones with them in races for Strava etc? - Should sprint stages be shorter to make it more exciting for a breakaway to survive? - What do I eat during long rides as I'm avoiding refined sugar? - How do I prevent punctures when riding mixed trails on my cyclocross bike? - If you have two bikes that you love both the same but have to sell one, which should you keep and which should you sell?! Watch more on GCN... High Carb Vs Low Carb – What Is The Best Way To Fuel For Cycling? 📹 How To Perform A Bike Fit - Reach And Stem Length For Road Cycling 📹 How To Protect Your Bike - Simple Ways To Keep Your Bike Safe When You Stop On Your Ride 📹 How To Make A DIY Cyclocross Tubeless Setup - Ghetto Tubeless Tyres 📹 Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /