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Published on November 8th 2017


Over 100 million selfies are taken every single day! But most of us could use a bit of help improving the quality of our selfies. Fortunately we've got two selfie pros in Matt and Dan to give you some top tips to take better selfies.

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According to reports, 100 million selfies are taken every single day. Want yours to stand out from the bunch? Then watch this. 

- A selfie is a selfie and therefore by definition it can't be taken by any one else, so if you're gonna take a selfie, you've got to do it yourself and not like this. 

- Next, determine the mood and where your selfie will end up. A Facebook selfie, for example, may have a completely different feel to one that you put on Instagram, so be wary of going multi-platform without thinking about it. And if it's on SnapChat, you might want to add in that puppy nose and ears and stuff, possibly. So, for example, moody. Fun. And art house. 

- And finally, backdrop. Make sure you carefully consider what is in the background of your selfie as that will form an integral part of the photograph, that is of course unless you are going full screen close up like so. Pro tip, always check for boogers or bogies in a reflective surface especially if you're going really close up. 

There are numerous techniques to employ but the classic, quick, go-to method especially for cyclists that are on the move and want to capture themselves and the stunning backdrop is the extended arm elbow lock. Yeah, the elbow lock technique gives you much more stability with your phone and a wider coverage to your photo. It's very popular amongst cyclists because generally they perform some of the time all of the time. 

- Okay, with the basics and the technique dialed, let's now move onto types of selfie. 
1. The off center. Subject is left or right of center with the dual focus being you and a great view. 
2. The riding selfie. Not a method that we can really endorse here at GCN due to the safety aspect but we do accept that it does exist. 
3. The celeb. You with a cycling celebrity or other type of celebrity. Delete as applicable. 
4. The photo bomb. These work two ways. Either you are bombed by someone else in your photo, or you selfied your way into somebody else's gig.
5. The double. You and someone else but not a celebrity. The fail selfie. As the title suggests, this is when a selfie goes horribly wrong, eyes closed, someone in the background taking a call of nature, you get the picture.
6. The selfie selfie, with someone else taking a selfie at the same time. 

So, now you know how to selfie like a pro. - Let us know how you get on and show us how you get on. By putting your selfies on social media with the hashtag #GCNSelfie

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