How To Swap Hydraulic Disc Brake Hoses On A Road Bike | Maintenance Monday

Published on August 28th 2017


Dan puts on the workshop apron and shows you how to easily swap brake hoses on hydraulic disc brakes. Subscribe to GCN: Register your interest in the GCN Club: Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN shop! Let us know your tips for swapping hydraulic brake hoses in the comments below 👇 Follow Dan Lloyd and his simple steps to swap front/rear brake hoses on hydraulic brakes, especially when using the Shimano system. You will need 2x8mm spanners 2.5mm Allen Key 6mm Allen Key Brake Pad Spacer or Folded up cardboard Flathead screwdriver Disc Brake Oil Hydraulic Oil Rag It's a fairly complex task to undertake but follow Dan's instructions carefully and you will be fine. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GCN... How To Not Maintain Your Bike - Road Bike Maintenance 📹 How To Bleed Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes 📹 Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /