Specialized claim new S-Works Phenom saddle reduces pressure by 28%

The 3D-printed saddle is the culmination of Specialized’s proprietary saddle technologies

Clock17:00, Tuesday 26th March 2024

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Specialized has released a new version of its Phenom saddle that uses the brand's 3D-printing ‘Mirror’ technology to increase comfort.

The new saddle also utilises Specialized's Body Geometry design which, along with the 'Mirror' technology is claimed to “deliver evidence-based superior performance and comfort, reducing sit bone pressure by 28% while protecting soft tissue and improving blood flow.”

The existing Phenom saddle has been a versatile favourite for Specialized sponsored riders across the spectrum from Kasper Asgreen (Soudal Quick-Step) on the road to Luic Bruni in downhill mountain biking.

Asgreen said, “I feel so lucky that I was able to help develop the S-Works Phenom Mirror hand in hand with the Specialized Saddle Team. I love how tunable Mirror technology is – combined with the vibration absorption and comfort of Mirror – it’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ridden in my 14 years of racing. I look forward to many more years on this saddle.”

The S-Works Phenom’s carbon fibre shell sports a concave profile that creates space for the brand to use a thicker 3D print in its ‘Mirror’ construction. The new saddle features 20,055 struts and 8,735 nodes which is claimed to provide more compliance in the 3D print itself. It is through this increase in compliance that the brand has achieved its claimed 28% reduction in sit bone pressure when compared to a traditional foam saddle.

The new saddle joins Specialized’s ‘Power’ and ‘Romin’ Mirror saddles and sits in between them in regards to fit and style. The Power is a shorter saddle aimed at riders who look to ride in a static position whereas the Romin is more traditional in shape for riders who like the support of a ramped back end. Specialized says that, “The Phenom shape enables riders to easily adjust their position on the saddle for tempo efforts and supports riders' movement in and out of the saddle on a climb.”

Available in 143 or 155mm widths and 27cm long, the S-Works Phenom tips the scales at 223 grams (in the 143mm width). The S-Works Phenom will retail for £350 / $450 and is available directly from Specialized or through a Specialized retailer.

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