All-new Canyon Lux Trail: A complete redesign to push XC limits

Rear suspension receives a revamp along with new geometry aimed at all-day riding

Clock10:12, Tuesday 7th November 2023
The new Canyon Lux has been completely redesigned with each size getting a tailored shock tune

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The new Canyon Lux has been completely redesigned with each size getting a tailored shock tune

Canyon has redesigned the Lux Trail mountain bike from the ground up, with new suspension kinematics and geometry suited for longer days in the saddle.

Building on the success of the original Lux Trail, the new model is more closely in line with the latest Lux World Cup, with some additional features.

The core principles governing the Lux Trail have remained unchanged, with a 120mm fork paired with a 115mm shock taking care of suspension. This is in comparison to the 100mm front and rear of the World Cup model on which it is based.

However, how this suspension is delivered to the rider has been revised, as has the position the rider is put in.

"On paper, the Lux Trail is a 120 mm 29er with 115 mm of rear suspension, but when clipped in, those numbers feel completely different," Canyon claims.

"Speed is at the heart of the Lux Trail and now riders can make that speed last all day long and get the confidence to push their limits on rough and demanding endurance trails. This is maximum speed over maximum distances."

Canyon has moved to a suspension system that utilises a single-pivot design similar to the Lux World Cup. The main distinguishing feature is that the Lux Trail also features a hanging rocker that aims to increase small bump sensitivity.

Canyon says it is this redesign to the suspension platform that "makes it feel like a bike with much more rear travel".

The Lux Trail also comes with shock tunes that differ depending on the frame size to give the rider the best characteristics the bike can offer.

As far as geometry is concerned, the bike has seen some slight changes. The seat angle has been steepened by 1.5º, making it 76º.

This puts the rider in a more upright position with their weight more closely on top of the bottom bracket. Not only will this increase handling and traction on steep climbs, but Canyon also says that it "helps make long rides more comfortable".

Along with the changes to the seat angle, the Lux trail has slackened at the front end.

A 0.5º slacker head angle than the outgoing model brings the head angle to 67º. This change has been made to increase the control of the bike on descents and as the speeds increase.

With the marathon intentions of this bike in mind, Canyon has designed the Lux Trail with an integrated two-stage repair kit that can be used for most common trailside mechanicals. Mounted to the underside of the top tube is a mini multi-tool for ease of access. Inside the down tube is a CO2 inflator with tyre plugs housed inside the bar plugs.

Available as an additional extra is the LOAD pouch that can be stored within the down tube. This can be used on bigger rides to negate the need to take a pack, with tubes, tyre levers, and additional tools all able to be stowed within the bike. It's the same system that was also recently included on the latest Canyon Grail gravel bike.

Continuing the theme of backpack-free riding, the Lux trail can fit two water bottles across all frame sizes within the range.

Pricing and availability

The Canyon Lux Trail is only available in carbon fibre, with six models in the range, from the more entry-level focused Lux Trail CF 6, all the way through to the premium Lux Trail CFR Limited.

  • Lux Trail CFR Ltd: €8,499
  • Lux Trail CFR: €6,999
  • Lux Trail CF 9: €5,699
  • Lux Trail CF 8: €4,699
  • Lux Trail CF 7: €3,699
  • Lux Trail CF 6: €3,299

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