An ultimate compilation: GCN follows the 2021 Zwift Academy finalists

Take a look at this throwback from when GCN followed the Zwift Academy finals two years ago

Clock10:00, Tuesday 26th December 2023

In this ultimate mega mix, we have compiled the whole of the 2021 Zwift Academy series into one video for your viewing pleasure.

It follows the journey of the 10 finalists all making their bid to win a pro cycling contract as they head out of the virtual world and on to the roads.

Every year in November, the virtual training platform Zwift hosts its own academy series. The Zwift Academy blends structured training sessions with virtual racing for participants to see how they stack up in their categories and how much they can improve in just six weeks.

For a select few of the 150,000 participants, the Zwift Academy presents more than just a training opportunity. With the ultimate prize on the line being a contract with a pro cycling team, the Academy is a proving ground to make dreams come true. In this series, we follow along in the final stages of the Zwift Academy to find out just who has what it takes to claim the prize.

After completing the virtual Zwift Academy it is time to jump from the virtual world and into the real world. It is one thing being able to crush the competition in Watopia but it is a whole different thing proving yourself out on the road. Not only do you need to have strong legs but you also need to have a smart head. Putting the finalists head-to-head leaves them nowhere to hide and tests their race craft.

Every element of riding will be tested giving every athlete the terrain they need to shine. Throughout the final selection, riders will have to race full gas up a mountain climb, show their mettle in a sprint lead-out, and demonstrate how well they can race in a race simulation. For the rider who comes out on top, their life will change and become the dream that they have been chasing.

In this megamix, you can watch the entire series uninterrupted from start to finish. If you are missing the race content during the off-season or need to find some motivation to get yourself out on a ride or to jump into Watopia yourself this could be just what you are looking for.

For more indoor training content head over to our indoor training home page or for more on this year's Zwift Academy follow the link.

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