How To Replace A Bicycle Chain

Published on June 1st 2015


The chain on your bike wears out over time and eventually you'll have to replace it. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple - Simon shows you how. Click here to subscribe to GCN: First thing to do is find out whether your chain is joined together with a pin or with a quick link. If you have a quick link then technically you can remove the chain with your bare hands. Bear in mind though that when it comes to re-sizing your chain, you can only cut it down to the right size with the use of a chain tool. If you don't have your old chain to hand, or if you've changed your gear ratios and need a new size of chain, we've also got a failsafe way of finding the correct chain length for your bike! It's best to check for chain wear on a regular basis - leave it to long and it will damage your whole drivetrain. Music - licensed by Cue Songs IO - Chocolate Buy GCN Cycling Kit! Click here: Get GCN T-Shirts and hoodies: Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /