How To Repair A Puncture On The Roadside - GCN's Roadside Maintenance Series

Published on December 30th 2013


Getting a puncture when you're cycling is increasingly likely as winter draws in. Daniel Lloyd shows you how to repair a puncture on the roadside. Subscribe to GCN on YouTube: A mid-ride puncture is something that happens to every cyclist. Sometimes, the cause of the puncture is very obvious. Your tyre will deflate very quickly if get a pinch or impact puncture. In this case, you're unlikely to be able to repair the tube. If you get a slow puncture, you need to find the cause of the puncture. This may be a thorn or piece of glass. Remove it from the tyre using a tyre lever. If it's sharp enough to cut through your tyre, it won't have much trouble cutting your hand either. Inner tubes aren't cheap, so if the weather isn't too awful and you have a slow puncture, you can normally patch it. If you've seen GCN's Guide To Roadside Maintenance (, you'll have patches, inner tubes and a pump with you. Music: Intuition - Why Would You: