How To Level Your Brake Levers To Perfection | Road Bike Maintenance

Clock00:00, Monday 8th January 2018

Setting up your cockpit with perfectly level and aligned brake levers is more important than you might realise. Here Jon shows you how.


Now this is something that can often play on your mind after maybe fitting some new levers or perhaps straightening up after a small tumble. Or in my case having to do both after an incident on my cyclocross bike recently. Making sure your levers are symmetrical.
Yep, it may sound daft, but how can you tell if yours really are in the right place?

Once it gets in your head that your levers may not be level…It can become so frustrating.
As well as the possibility of resulting in injury, imbalance and poor steering and stability. It takes a few minutes to fix or just to the check that you are level and in line.

The great Eddy Merckx used to be a nightmare for his mechanic and be constantly adjusting his position, even during the neutralised zone of a race he’d reach for a spanner and make an adjustment as he felt things weren’t right, Eddy, if you’re watching, this would have been the video for you!

How can we quickly do this without lasers and fancy equipment?

Let’s start by levelling your levers with one another.

Well there is the good old one eye open and trust your eyesight technique. What most of us probably do.

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