Tom Pidcock's and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot’s Pinarello Dogma XC mountain bikes released to the public

A year on from when the bike first broke cover on the World Cup circuit, Pinarello's Dogma XC mountain bikes are available to buy

ClockUpdated 08:00, Friday 19th April 2024. Published 07:54, Friday 19th April 2024
Pinarello have launched the Dogma XC and XC hardtail at Sea Otter 2024


Pinarello have launched the Dogma XC and XC hardtail at Sea Otter 2024

Italian bike brand Pinarello have announced that its Dogma XC and Dogma XC hardtail cross-country mountain bikes are available to purchase.

The Pinarello Dogma XC has been around for over a year now and in that time it has raced to two World Championship victories in XCO, and claimed three other World Cup victories. Not bad for a bike that has only been available to two athletes. Until now, the Dogma XC has been exclusively available to Ineos Grenadiers' Tom Pidcock and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, with both riders involved in the development of the bikes.

Pinarello says that it designed the Dogma XC to achieve four key objectives:

  • Extreme stiffness in the rear triangle and bottom bracket to offer maximum reactivity
  • Simple yet progressive kinematics to optimise travel and rebound
  • The ability to match suspension travel to the unique demands of each circuit
  • Lightness paired with exceptional drive and handling capabilities to excel on technical descents

These four key performance requirements became the basis for the Dogma XC.

Split seatstays

One of the unique design features of the Dogma XC is the use of split seatstays for the rear triangle. Typically with most full suspension mountain bikes, the rear triangle is one complete unit with the left and right sections joined together by a bridge, either just behind the bottom bracket or at the top of the seatstays.

With the Dogma XC, Pinarello has removed any joining bridges between the two sides of the rear triangle. This allows them to shorten the chainstays, bringing the rear wheel closer to the seat tube. A shorter chainstay length typically makes a bike feel more nimble. The Dogma has 425mm chainstays, which is shorter than the 435mm chainstays found on the equivalent bikes from Trek or Specialized.

Pinarello also says that removing the bridge eliminates an area where mud could build up and allows for wider tyres to be fitted in the frame.

The two halves of the rear triangle are asymmetrical too. You might expect them to beef up the driveside, but actually, it's the non-driveside that gets extra material, as Pinarello explains: “The rear triangle utilises a patented asymmetric design with the left-hand side being reinforced, allowing the bike to counterbalance the higher forces applied to it on the opposite side of the drivetrain. This results in balancing energy transfer, improved speed and traction.”

Reinforced bottom bracket area

An eye-catching feature on the Dogma XC is the strut running between the seat tube and down tube. Pinarello says this is to "optimise stiffness" by allowing them to fit an oversized bottom bracket bearing. It also makes room for a larger lower pivot point bearing. Combined, these efforts are intended to increase the bike's pedalling efficiency.


Pinarello uses flex stays for the full-suspension version of the bike. In 2024, this is more or less standard technology among top-end race-oriented cross-country bikes, with most of the biggest brands using flex stays on their World Cup bikes.

Flex stays remove the need for a bearing around the rear dropout, shedding the weight of two bearings and all the mounting hardware. Instead, the carbon fibre itself flexes as the frame passes through its range of travel.

The Dogma XC can be configured with a suspension fork with between 100mm and 120mm of travel and a rear shock with between 90mm and 100mm of travel.

Fully integrated cockpit

Finishing off the Dogma XC is a one-piece bar and stem unit. Using a one-piece cockpit saves weight over a traditional bar and stem and increases stiffness.

The cockpit incorporates fully integrated cable routing and the headset is fitted with a rotation stopper to prevent the bars from turning more than 60 degrees each way. In the event of a crash, this protects the frame from impacts with shifters or brake levers and prevents brake hoses from getting ripped.

Dogma XC hardtail

Joining the Dogma XC is the Dogma XC hardtail which shares a lot of the full suspension bike’s DNA. The reinforced bottom bracket area remains the same, and the rear triangle, once again, is asymmetrical. However, being a hardtail, it does not have a rear shock and pivot points. The asymmetrical design is clearly visible when looking at the Dogma XC hardtail frame, with both seatstays taking their own path to the junction with the seatpost.

Pricing and build

Both the Pinarello Dogma XC and XC hardtail are available in two builds, with the top tier of each model bearing the Dogma moniker, while the lower-tier model drops the Dogma from its name.

Pinarello Dogma XC

The Dogma XC is available in two colours, either the World Champs-inspired ‘pure gold’ or ‘pure red’.

  • SRAM XX SL EAGLE AXS groupset
  • Shimano XTR brakes
  • Fox Factory fork, shock and seatpost
  • DT Swiss XRC 1200 Spline wheels
  • Total bike weight: 10.45kg
  • $13,000 / £12,000 / €13,500

Pinarello Dogma XC hardtail

  • SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS groupset
  • Shimano XTR brakes
  • DT XRC 1200 Spline wheels
  • Fox 32 Factory Kashima 100mm fork
  • Total bike weight: 9.20kg
  • $11,200 /£9,700 / €11,000

Pinarello XC

The Pinarello XC comes in ‘pure carbon’ and uses Torays 900 UD carbon fibre whereas the Dogma XC uses Toray M40 J.

  • SRAM GX Eagle AXS groupset
  • Shimano Deore XT brakes
  • DT XR 1700 Spline wheels
  • Fox Performance Elite fork, shock and seatpost
  • Total bike weight 11.30kg
  • $7,900 / £7,000 / €7,900

Pinarello XC hardtail

  • SRAM GX Eagle AXS groupset
  • Shimano Deore XT
  • DT XR 1700 Spline
  • Fox 32 Performance Elite SC 100mm
  • Total bike weight: 10.20kg
  • $6,600 / £6,200 / €7,000

What do you think of the new mountain bikes from Pinarello? Let us know in the comments below and for more tech news make sure to head over to the tech news section of the GCN website.

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