Shimano reveals new 8-speed ESSA groupset aimed at entry-level cyclists

The new groupset is said to simplify Shimano’s active range and hit an affordable price point

Clock16:00, Tuesday 2nd April 2024
ESSA is based around a single chainring setup

© Shimano

ESSA is based around a single chainring setup

Shimano has announced a new 8-speed groupset will be launched this April. The new groupset, called ESSA, is compatible with the existing 8-speed flat bar groupsets of Acera, Altus and Tourney TX.

According to Shimano, ESSA is “versatile, robust, and designed to support an active cycling lifestyle".

The press release from the component giant added: "ESSA marks an exciting development in the range of accessible componentry and harmonises an often complex set of component groups. Shimano aims to simplify its product line-up for the next generation of cyclists.”

Shimano has based the ESSA group around a single front chainring, with all variations of the groupset using the single chainring as its foundation. This is in an attempt to simplify shifting for the user, without a second chainring complicating things.

It also helps achieve another target of the groupset, which is to be affordable. With no front derailleur, shifter or second chainring, the brand can reduce the overall cost to the customer.

ESSA will be available with either a 32 or 40-tooth single chainring, which will be paired to a wide ratio 11-45-tooth cassette.

For specific pricing of components or the groupset as a whole, head to your nearest Shimano stockist, where they will be able to provide more information.

Shimano CUES gets short-reach shifters and brake levers

It is not just ESSA that the Japanese component manufacturer is releasing this month. Joining the new groupset are some ergonomically updated controls for the brand's CUES groupset.

The short-reach shifter and brake lever are aimed at smaller riders to give them better control and make it easier to shift. The S-Reach range will join the existing shifter and brake lever for the 9/10/11-speed CUES groupsets giving riders of all sizes a better fit at the bars.

The new shifter features a revised design that sees both up and downshifts taken care of with a thumb-operated push paddle.

This removes the need to use your index finger to pull the paddle towards you to shift down a gear - something that riders with small hands could struggle to reach.

What do you make of the new products from Shimano? Let us know in the comments below. To keep up to date with all the latest product launches and news from the world of bike tech head over to our dedicated tech news section of the website.

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