Rapha adds three new performance sunglasses to its eyewear collection

While primarily designed to enhance performance, the new range provides a twist on common aesthetics

Clock03:37, Monday 25th March 2024
Rapha has released a new range of eyewear

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Rapha has released a new range of eyewear

Rapha has expanded its range of eyewear with the addition of three performance-orientated sunglasses that are “designed to enhance performance and provide optimal clarity”.

The new Reis, Letras, and Dalton sunglasses are all named after iconic cycling destinations and each features Rapha’s lens technology, plus anti-fog and anti-scratch finishes, resulting in eyewear that Rapha says provides “optimal clarity”. They are also made from 62% “bio-based content” according to Rapha, which it says reflects its “commitment to sustainability”.

However, it’s the aesthetics of the new eyewear that stands out with Rapha diverting from the larger styles that are currently on-trend to deliver new eyewear that, on looks alone, certainly stands out from the crowd.

Dalton, Letras and Reis sunglasses

The first new addition are the Dalton sunglasses - named after the remote Dalton Highway that cuts its way through the Alaskan Arctic - which cut a more old-school design with a full frame. However, the frame is quite deep, giving them a slightly goggle-like appearance. Despite the smaller lens size compared to most current sunglasses, Rapha says that the wrapped design “protects the eyes and extends the field of vision”.

Along with the other two models, the Dalton sunglasses take advantage of Rapha’s contrast-enhancing lens technology that “helps hazard perception and adapts to variations in terrain and light conditions”, while it also has an optional adjustable neck strap.

Unlike the Dalton, the Letras follow a more modern frameless design. However, they diverge slightly through the wrap-around style that extends all the way around the face to “offer an extended field of vision”, while also ensuring a futuristic look too.

The Letras name is taken from the Alto de Letras, a formidable climb in the Andes that GCN’s Si Richardson is more than familiar with having tackled its 80km slopes in the past.

Completing the new range, the Reis are inspired by one of the most famous climbs in the world, although the name may not immediately jump out at you. That’s because the Coll Dels Reis is more commonly known as Sa Calobra, one of the most famous climbs in Spain that can be found on the island of Mallorca.

Should you ever venture across to the warmer climes of the Spanish island, the Reis sunglasses should be well-equipped to assist you thanks to the same contrasting-enhancing lens technology featured on the other models. They also benefit from interchangeable lenses, with four different lenses in total, while packing in a low weight of only 28g.

Of the three new models, the Reis is arguably the most on-trend with its half-frame design.

Both the Letras and Reis sunglasses are available for £160 / $205 / €180, while the Dalton sunglasses are retailing for £140 / $180 / €160.

Explore the full range on Rapha’s website.

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