Canyon revamps Pathlite:ON e-bikes with new models aimed at touring and leisure riders

Integrated lights and a rear carrying rack as standard aim to make the Pathlite:ON a multi-purpose touring bike

Clock10:07, Thursday 29th February 2024
Canyon has designed the Pathlite:ON range with versatility in mind

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Canyon has designed the Pathlite:ON range with versatility in mind

Canyon has released two new e-bike models for leisure and touring riders. The Pathlite:ON Superlight and the Pathlite:ON SUV aim to be multi-purpose bikes capable of adapting to the needs of the rider.

Pathlite:ON Superlight

The new Pathlite:ON Superlight is a versatile mixed-terrain bike that is capable both on paved and unpaved surfaces. As standard, the Pathlite:ON comes equipped with functional accessories for urban riding such as a 25kg rated rack and integrated lights.

The compact Bosch Performance Line SX platform has been selected in a bid to keep the total bike weight as low as possible to make handling easier. It is also Canyon’s first bike certified as child seat compatible.

To help keep the weight down, Canyon has opted to use a 400Whr battery rather than a larger and heavier alternative. Canyon quotes a range of 85km for the system, but that's dependent on the usual factors that can influence range like terrain, power levels used etc.

Bosch also offers an additional 250Whr range that can be added as an aftermarket purchase to further enhance the range of the motor.

With usability in mind, Canyon has fitted lights to the Superlight range as standard. Canyon state that, “The Pathlite:ON 4 Superlight comes equipped with a bright and efficient front light, and the Pathlite:ON 6 Superlight has the Supernova Mini 2 PRO which offers high beam modes to illuminate dark paths without dazzling oncoming riders and traffic.”

Pathlite:ON SUV

The updated Pathlite:ON SUV joins the Superlight as its heavy-hitting, more capable bigger brother. The motor system is Bosch’s Performance CX line which offers the performance of a full-fat e-bike.

This is paired with a sizeable 750Whr battery giving the SUV an improved range over the Superlight. On the Pathlite:ON 8 and 9 SUV models, braking is taken care of using Bosch’s proprietary ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that looks to increase braking traction on loose surfaces.

On both the SUV 7 and 9 models riders have the choice of a Gates CDX Carbon Drive belt and hub gearbox, with the SUV 9 capable of automatic shifting. This can be configured to change at a preferred cadence, tailoring it to your riding style.

Dropper posts and suspension forks

Canyon has versatility in mind, with the Pathlite:ON SUV 6, 7, 8 and 9 featuring a dropper post, which allows the saddle to be placed out of the way for additional control on technical unpaved descents and to make getting on and off the bike that little bit easier.

This has been combined with a 100mm suspension fork to keep the front of the bike in check on rough and loose surfaces.


The Pathlite:ON Superlight is available in standard or mid-step versions.

  • Pathlite:ON 4 Superlight, €2,699
  • Pathlite:ON 6 Superlight, €2,999
  • Pathlite:ON 8 Superlight LTD, €3,699

The Pathlite:ON SUV comes in standard or step-through versions.

  • Pathlite:ON 4 SUV, €2,999
  • Pathlite:ON 5 SUV, €3,399
  • Pathlite:ON 6 SUV, €3,799
  • Pathlite:ON 7 SUV, €4,399
  • Pathlite:ON 8 SUV, €4,999
  • Pathlite:ON 9 SUV, €5,999

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