BMC unveils all new Speedmachine in collaboration with Red Bull

New bike is the result of a five-year collaboration with the Red Bull Advanced Technologies team and claims to be the fastest time trial and triathlon bike available

Clock08:19, Tuesday 5th September 2023


The new BMC Speedmachine in collaboration with Red Bull

BMC has released a new version of its time trial bike, the Speedmachine, which it has created in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT), the engineering wing of Red Bull. The bike is the product of five years of design, research and testing, and BMC says it has been designed using a combination of athlete input and world-class knowledge from RBAT. BMC is calling the new model the ultimate time trial and triathlon bike.

Time trial bikes are always designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, but for this bike, engineers took a slightly different, more holistic approach, aiming to design a build that was aerodynamic, stable, and well-fitting to produce the best overall system.

Designers explored rider feel in the development of the new bike, utilising the knowledge of the RBAT team from their experience with driver feel. This allowed them to draw up a deeper understanding on what makes a bike feel predictable on the road, which they could then improve, because BMC says a predictable bike is a faster bike.

The bike has been designed with the help of ex-professional cyclist Fabian Cancellara and pro triathlete Patrik Nilsson. On release of the first prototype, Cancellara said: "Two worlds from different sports have come together to create something cycling has never seen before. This project has opened up new angles and directions as to how you can build a bike.

"It has been important to me to have been involved in the project from its early stages to continually test the athlete and machine interface. Being part of the development of a cutting-edge bike employing some radical principles and being influencing its performance from a rider perspective has been amazing."

Upon the release of the final version, Nilsson said: "This is going to change the bike industry."

BMC says this new model is a complete redesign over the existing time trial bike, with radical changes being made to the head angle, rake and trail of the front end. This was all in an attempt to improve handling characteristics of the bike, to elevate rider confidence whilst in the aero bars.

The bike features the ability to run an internal hydration unit that can hold up to 1.2 litres. The reservoir is positioned low over the bottom bracket, once again to aid the handling characteristics of the bike. There are two hydration system sizes that can be used with the SpeedMachine, the larger 1.2 litre reservoir or the UCI compliant 400ml tank.

A good fit on the bike is, arguably, the most important factor in a fast time trial setup, so BMC has increased its range of options for base bars, extensions, and stack to allow for riders to set the Speedmachine up as close to their optimum fit as possible.

A real noteworthy addition to the design of the Speedmachine comes from Formula 1 inspired technologies to further improve its handling. The RBAT team helped with the frame profiling in order to control the flow of air around the front of the bike, with the leading edge of the head tube and a unique spoiler underneath the crown of the fork designed specifically to create a clean airflow around the front wheel. This is in partnership with the current trend for wide fork legs to restrict the flow of air.

BMC has also designed the Speedmachine with ease of use in mind with only four bolts needing to be loosened to allow the base bar to turn, ideal for packing for travel as well as a simple vertical seat clamp allowing for easy seat post removal and fitting.

Prices and availability

The Speedmachine will be available for purchase in November with BMC offering two complete bikes and a frame set. For more details head over to the BMC website.

BMC Speedmachine 01 LTD - €16,999 / $16,999

BMC Speedmachine 01 TWO - €10,999 / $10,999

BMC Speedmachine 01 MOD - €6,999 / $6,999

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