AI powered smart glasses from LAWK smash funding target on Kickstarter

Smart glasses with augmented reality display can overlay ride data and provide on-command information from ChatGPT assistant

Clock11:13, Monday 9th October 2023
LAWK has smashed its Kickstarter campaign for its AI powered augmented reality glasses


LAWK has smashed its Kickstarter campaign for its AI powered augmented reality glasses

The cycling world is really embracing advancements in technology, with recent developments including a ChatGPT AI-based coaching platform from Whoop and aerodynamic optimisation sensors that can potentially rival wind tunnel testing. The future looks to be even closer now, with LAWK looking to launch a pair of very futuristic 'smart' glasses.

The LAWK ONE AR glasses feature a heads-up style display that can be used to present a multitude of metrics, from speed and power to navigation. The idea behind this is to overlay the data you want, where you would naturally be looking, preventing the need to look down at a head unit.

LAWK has designed the glasses to meet IPX4 certification requirements, making them suitable for use in rain showers and able to deal with sweat from workouts.

The LAWK ONE also features the ability to capture pictures and videos with the built-in 8MP camera that can either be controlled via a dedicated button on the glasses or by voice command. Along with the data display and camera, the glasses feature integrated speakers that can be used for music whilst training or for notifications when paired with a smartphone.

A key feature the brand has invested in, with input from medical experts, is what it's calling ‘Binocular Waveguide Technology'. The issue with some AR systems is that the device only projects the overlay onto one lens of the glasses, resulting in a focal discrepancy between eyes that can lead to dizziness and eye fatigue.

LAWK's technology projects virtual information separately onto each lens, which is designed to enhance depth perception and provide a more realistic viewing experience.

Following the recent theme of the cycling world starting to embed the power of AI into products, the LAWK ONE glasses will offer a virtual assistant, powered by ChatGPT, that will allow you to ask questions on the move and have the answers read to you.

The power of AI in training is only just starting to be used but it is an exciting area to keep an eye on. On the topic of smart glasses, it was interesting to note that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited the Jumbo-Visma team and hinted that the tech giant's Vision Pro mixed-reality headset could be developed for cyclists in the future.

Originally LAWK had listed its glasses on Kickstarter with a target of £8,209. However, with an end date to reach funding of 25 November, the campaign has already generated £17,860 of pledges.

LAWK is anticipating that shipping of the product will begin in December 2023 with up to a 40% discount for pledges on Kickstarter.

Would you wear the LAWK ONE instead of using a typical head unit? Is wearable tech something that you will be welcoming with open arms, or should it remain in the world of science fiction? Let us know in the comments below.

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