Team Blanco Giant TCR Pro Bike Insight

Published on March 8th 2013


Team Blanco, formerly Rabobank are riding the Giant TCR and GCN took a closer look. Follow GCN on YouTube: We got to go behind the scenes with team mechanic Tim Dejonghe and take a close look at the Dura Ace equipped bikes. Running the very latest in Shimano technology, including 11 speed cassettes which have thinner and easier to route cables, Blanco also have Shimano brakes and wheels. Some of the sprinters on the team are using the Giant Propel and for TT stages the team use the Trinity time trial bike. Very new to the team and on Lars Peter Nordhaug's bike is the addition of the Pioneer SGY-PM900 power meter, which gives advanced statistics on power output per pedal and force vector - so the direction that you're applying the force to the cranks. This looks to be an interesting alternative to the usual power meter outputs and could be something we'll see other manufacturers doing too. Music: Andy Clockwork -- Every Time I Groove: