Counterfeit Carbon - Spotting Fake Bike Parts | GCN Tech Show Ep. 44

Published on November 1st 2018


With Ollie away at the Taipei Bike Show and Jon in Belgium taking a look at some cyclocross tech, it's up to Si and Chris to bring you this show. But fear not, Ollie gives us an insight into the dangers of counterfeit carbon bike parts. 

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Ollie interviews Mark Vandermolen, the managing director of FSA about the propagation of fake carbon components in the cycling industry.

Last week Canyon announced the new updated and cheaper version of the Canyon Aeroad. Using the same external moulds as the more expensive premium SLX, they use a slightly less premium carbon fibre layup to create a frame that is as stiff and as aero as the top of the range versions, only a little heavier. The price is considerably cheaper too, Starting at €2699  you can buy an Aeroad CF SL 7.0 with a 105 groupset and Reynolds carbon wheels. 

Enve have released new carbon forks and handlebars for gravel bikes which promise great integration and additional comfort. 

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