Panaracer introduces ‘fastest ever’ X1 GravelKing tyre and revamps existing range

Full range has been redesigned with new compounds, beads and an adjusted sizing system

Clock06:13, Friday 1st March 2024
The new GravelKing X1

© Panaracer

The new GravelKing X1

Panaracer has completely revamped its range of GravelKing tyres, as well as introducing a new X1 model.

The Japanese brand first introduced its GravelKing tyre back in 2014, a time when the discipline was still in its infancy, and that range quickly grew to become one of the most popular.

Now, to celebrate the tyre’s 10th anniversary, the GravelKing range has received a full revamp in the form of a new compound, puncture protection and bead, while the addition of the X1 — the first tyre to be added to the range since 2017 — brings the number of tyres in the offering up to five.

Panaracer has also updated its sizes to bring the tyres in line with modern rims, which are trending to the wider end of the scale. There are three specifications for each of the tyres, barring the EXT. In addition to the standard tyres, customers can also choose the + range which favours added puncture protection, while the R range are more supple for added speed.

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GravelKing revamp: What’s new?

A lot! Panaracer has clearly been very busy, leading to a substantial redesign of the range. The models have remained the same, with the addition of the X1 and the R specification, but their design has been altered in multiple ways.

Panaracer’s new ZSG Gravel Compound is the first upgrade of note, which is a twist on the ZSG compound used on its road tyres. Among other things, Panaracer says that it offers better resilience to temperature variations, guaranteeing high performance whether it’s a hot climate or cold.

It’s joined by ‘TuffTex’ casing, a puncture-focussed addition that should reduce the risk of any deflating moments. It’s actually got two layers of bead-to-bead material, while remaining as Panaracer’s “most supple and lightweight casing yet”.

Completing the new design, Panaracer has revamped the bead profiles in the form of its BeadLock design. It’s been optimised for both hookless and clincher rims types, as well as a wide range of tyre widths. Most cyclists will be pleased to hear that the tyre can be seated using only a floor pump, according to Panaracer, which often isn’t the case for tubeless tyres.

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X1: GravelKing’s latest tyre

A range of updates then, but it is the new X1 which will steal the headlines, mainly as it promises to be the 'fastest ever' GravelKing tyre.

Gravel riding is a diverse discipline so gravel tyres come in all different shapes and sizes. Any suggestion that a tyre is the 'fastest' is tricky, because the performance of each tyre will depend entirely on the nature of the terrain it's riding on.

Even so, the X1’s 'fastest' label is a clear sign that it sits firmly on the performance end of the gravel tyre scale, catering for those who want something a little more race-orientated.

Speed for gravel tyres is often associated with a semi-slick tread pattern but that’s not the case here, with no slick tread in sight. Instead, the X1 retains a more traditional off-road appearance with tread across its full width. This clearly doesn’t impact its performance as Panaracer says that it offers the lowest rolling resistance out of the full range.

Reflecting the industry's inclination for wider rims, Panaracer has also revamped its sizes, doing away with its older 32mm, 38mm and 43mm options. They’ve been replaced by new sizes that go up in 5mm increments between 30mm and 50mm, on top of the existing 26mm and 28mm options. The specific sizes available vary per tyre.

Each of the tyres is available in either the standard form, + or R. + tyres favour added puncture protection, while R tyres are geared more towards performance.

Panaracer GravelKing full range

  • GravelKing
  • GravelKing +
  • GravelKing R
  • GravelKing SS
  • GravelKing SS +
  • GravelKing SS R
  • GravelKing SK
  • GravelKing SK +
  • GravelKing SK R
  • GravelKing EXT
  • GravelKing EXT +
  • GravelKing X1
  • GravelKing X1 +
  • GravelKing X1 R

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