Basso’s new Venta R aims to make premium bike technology more accessible

Latest addition to the Venta range packs in plenty of performance at a lower price point

Clock06:46, Friday 15th March 2024
The latest addition to Basso's Venta range

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The latest addition to Basso's Venta range

Basso has expanded its road bike range through the addition of the Venta R.

The new bike slots into its existing entry-level Venta range, falling below the Venta Disc in the pecking order, but is far more than simply another affordable option. Instead, Basso says that it has merged aerodynamics and a lightweight into a performance package that makes "premium and technological bikes accessible".

Only one version of the bike will be available, set up with Shimano’s 105 groupset, and it will be priced at $3,999/€2,849.

Basso’s entry-level bike gains more performance

The Venta is the lowest tier in Basso’s road bike offering but labelling it as ‘entry-level’ is a tad unfair as the existing range is already packed with plenty of performance. Now that’s been built upon with the Venta R, which has received some notable performance upgrades.

Performance in cycling vernacular usually boils down to a combination of aerodynamics and weight, so it isn’t too surprising that the Venta ticks both of those boxes.

Starting with the aero side of the equation, Basso poetically says that the bike is “shaped to dance through wind”. Most aero tweaks on modern bikes occur at the front of the bike but it’s the rear of the bike which visually sports the most changes on the Venta R, courtesy of the deeper seat tube.

This now curves to match the arch of the wheel - a design cue taken from its higher-tier Astra bike - and, combined with the lower seatstays, “enhances aerodynamics, reducing drag and maximising speed”, according to Basso.

Elsewhere, Basso has adopted subtle kammtail-shaped tubes but these are relatively thin and narrow, which is to be expected on what is still an all-round road bike.

Lightweight carbon construction

While aerodynamics is the biggest influence on bike design, weight is still a key factor. Basso has tried to keep the weight of the Venta R down through the use of Torayca T700 carbon fibre, which allows it to balance low weight with low cost.

The result is a bike that, when fully built in 53cm size, weighs a claimed 8.8kg. That’s not going to set the world alight but it’s important to remember that, despite Basso’s desire to trickle down performance tech, this is still a part of its lowest tier of road bikes, so that’s more than respectable. There is also plenty of space for weight-saving upgrades, as is to be expected on a bike at this price point.

Sleek and practical

Despite the performance claims, the Venta R is still an all-round bike at its heart, built for everyday use. A clear signal of this versatility, the bike has 35mm tyre clearance, which is at the higher end of the scale for road bikes. The factory-built bike won’t take full advantage of this as it only comes specced with 28mm-wide Continental tyres.

More trickled-down tech can be found at the front of the bike in the form of the Microtech Integrated Cables Headset. Routing integrated cables through a stem can be notoriously difficult, not to mention inconvenient if you ever have to change your stem, but Basso’s tech attempts to circumvent this. Instead of going through the stem, the cables are routed underneath it and through the top spacer, simplifying the process.

Shimano 105, one build available

Keeping things simple, the Venta R is only available in one specific build with Shimano’s 105 12-speed groupset. Buyers won’t get to choose between different chainset and cassette combinations as the bike is only being sold with a semi-compact 50/34t chainset, with a 11-34t cassette. That’s sensible gearing that provides the right balance of gears for the majority of riders.

The bike will come with Basso’s in-house Microtech MCT wheels, while it will be available in seven different sizes, including 42, 48, 51, 53, 56, 58 and 61. There is a choice of colours between Magma Black and Pearl White.

Check out the full specification for the Venta R on Basso's website.

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