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Primož Roglič leading Geraint Thomas on the slopes of Tre Cime during stage 19 of the Giro

Gallery: The 2023 Giro d'Italia through the lens of cycling's best photographers

Behind the Lens: Zac Williams' and Ashley and Jered Gruber's most striking shots from the Giro

Clock16:30, Saturday 28th October 2023

The big scheduled set pieces in the 2023 Giro d'Italia were stage 19 and stage 20 in the far northeast of Italy. After a slow build-up to the race with the GC still tight into the third week, the table was set for the summit finish on Tre Cime and the uphill time trial at Monte Lussari, before the ceremonial day in Rome.

On motorbikes, cars and the mountain sides alongside the route were the small army of photographers who are responsible for the scores of images that define cycling's iconography. Four of them – Ashley and Jered Gruber, Zac Williams and Luca Bettini – were also followed around by a GCN film crew to document the way they took on the challenge of documenting the moving tapestry that is the Giro peloton.

In celebration of the new documentary, Behind the Lens, out now on GCN+, we put together a gallery of the wonderful imagery Zac, Luca, Ashley and Jered captured on that weekend.

Stage 19 – Tre Cime di Lavaredo

No mountains are quite like the Dolomites, and nowhere in the Dolomites is quite as striking as the Tre Cime - or Three Peaks - di Lavaredo.

For the final summit finish of the Giro, the Cime were the postcard background for the showdown between Primož Roglič, Geraint Thomas and João Almeida, and the two Grubers didn't miss.

Nonetheless, the Grubers always take a bit of a wide look around the race – the mise-en-scène of the spectacle – and convey the whole travelling circus through their unique lenses. Their photos, especially in their adopted home of the Dolomites, are unique in their ability to express that.

Stage 20 – Monte Lussari

No one really knew what to expect with the final time trial of the Giro, on the steepest slopes of the race, with the final jersey up in the air between Primož Roglič and Geraint Thomas. In brilliant sunshine, with a countless number of Slovenian supporters who popped across right across the border with their country that was one hill away, the race was set for its grand finale.

Zac Williams, who is fantastic at rendering the drama and expressiveness of professional cycling, was able to find the passion and the pain of the day. Through these photos, which do a brilliant job of capturing the verticality of the climb and the drama of the mountains in the background, the colour of the day is intoxicating.

Stage 21 – Roma

While the final day transfer to Rome to have a ceremonial finish might not make the most sense, beyond finances, the format facilitates a different look and feel for the race as it waves goodbye for 332 or so days.

With the race almost wrapped up, the Rome day is about the architecture and the celebration. Luca Bettini was in all the right spots to capture the magic, while the Gruber's, once again, were able to find the moment and angles other did not touch.

Behind the Lens is out now on GCN+. Watch on-demand and explore our extensive collection of exclusive and original cycling films.

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