British National Cycling Centre velodrome reopens after two year refurbishment

The Manchester Velodrome, known as the 'medal factory', is now the first all-electric velodrome in the UK, with improved environmental credentials and facilities

Clock09:54, Monday 4th September 2023
The newly refurbished velodrome

© Manchester City Council

The newly refurbished velodrome

After closing its doors to the public in 2021, the velodrome at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, UK has reopened. The centre has undergone a £27m refurbishment to improve its facilities and environmental credentials.

Since opening in 1994, the velodrome has played a significant role in the success of British track cycling, even picking up the nickname of 'the medal factory' – it was here that Olympic champions and cycling heroes including Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Dame Laura Kenny based their training.

It was also the home of Team Sky, now Ineos Grenadiers, between 2010 and 2019, during which the team won the Tour de France six times, the Vuelta a España twice and the Giro d'Italia once.

The velodrome has undergone a substantial renovation, with most of the funds going towards heating and mechanical function. The building now features heat recovery systems, a heat pump and solar panels, and is expected to save 517 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Manchester Councillor John Hacking emphasised that the facility was not just for elite athletes, but for the benefit of the local community.

"The velodrome is not only a space where elite athletes train, but also a world-class facility that is open to residents and local clubs. We want our communities to benefit from having state-of-the-art facilities on their doorstep."

Jon Dutton, British Cycling CEO, concurred:

"Having both the best in the world and absolute beginners riding on the same tracks is one of the things which makes the facility so unique and inspiring, and we’re incredibly thankful for the support of Manchester City Council and other partners to ensure that it continues to be a treasured community asset for many years to come."

City officials hope that the reopened velodrome will put them in good stead in their bid to become the 2024 European City of Cycling. On Friday, September 1, the city announced they had submitted an application, and soon they will welcome delegates from ACES Europe, who will assess the city and ultimately decide the winner.

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