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SiS, or Science in Sport, is a sports nutrition company based in the United Kingdom. It produces a range of products to aid with hydration, energy, and recovery for high-performance athletes.



The company was founded in 1992 by Tim Lawson and his family in Blackburn, England. Tim, a sports science graduate, started selling ‘isotonic energy gels to his cycling friends and soon, thanks to help from his brother Simon and parents Jean and John, became a supplement supplier within the cycling industry.

SiS swiftly branched out from cycling and began supplying supplements, unofficially, to athletes in a variety of sports. Chris Boardman was an early supporter of the company and SiS gradually expanded its client base, often by word of mouth.

As the 2010s came about and elite sports began to take more notice of marginal gains, SiS started to gain the recognition that its hard work deserved. In 2016, Team Sky made SiS its official nutrition supplier - a partnership that is still going strong today with the Ineos Grenadiers.

Over the next few years, SiS continued to grow its client portfolio, now supplying over 320 professional teams, organisations, and national teams worldwide. In 2022, the company opened its new 160,000-square-foot manufacturing and logistics facility back in Blackburn. The vertical integration of having its production centre on its doorstep allows the company to deliver an incredibly high level of service, including the highest standard banned substance testing facility in the industry.

Key Moments

1992 - SiS launched out of a Lancashire family home

Tim Lawson began supplying isotonic energy gels to his cycling friends midway through the 1990s. Within two decades, the family would be supplying hundreds of professional sports teams with their products.

2016 - SiS team up with Team Sky

Shortly after securing their third Tour de France title in the space of four years, British WorldTour squad Team Sky made SiS their official nutrition supplier. The partnership was not just significant because of Team Sky being one of cycling’s biggest teams but also because of their marginal gains philosophy - it firmly emphasised the high quality of SiS’ products.

2022 - SiS opens new state-of-the-art facility

Unveiling a new 160,000-square-foot manufacturing centre back in its home town of Blackburn, it allowed SiS to save on production costs and customer response time.

“At the core of Science in Sport is a philosophy of gaining deep elite insight, and this leading to the development of products to meet the needs of world-class athletes.”

Stephen Moon
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Product Overview

Energy: Science in Sport’s initial focus centred around energy-boosting supplements, with its range now including gels, bars and powders. Its products, such as its isotonic gels, Beta Fuel + Neotropic gels and Go energy bakes all help riders to fuel up on carbohydrates whilst on the move.

Hydration: SiS offer electrolyte supplements in gel, powder and tablet forms to boost performance and ensure riders remain hydrated.

Recovery & Protein: Its recovery supplements, in protein bar, gel and powder form, aim to aid protein intake and help with muscle recovery.

Vitamins & Supplements: SiS offers a number of vitamin products, from daily multivitamins and immune tablets to beta alanine and pro biotic tablets.

Did you know?

Whilst still in its infancy, SiS received an order request from legendary sprinter Usain Bolt for a case of SiS’ energy gels ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Bolt would break the 100m world record as he took gold, adding the 200m Olympic title - breaking the world record in the process - to his resumé days later.

Pro cycling

Current sponsorships: Ineos Grenadiers, L39ion of Los Angeles, German Cycling Federation, Tour de Lunsar

  • SiS has been sports nutrition supplier for the Ineos Grenadiers, formerly Team Sky, since 2016. In that time, the WorldTour team has achieved countless feats, including eight Grand Tour victories and two Monuments. Filippo Ganna has also won two World Championships time trial titles and broke the UCI World Hour Record - an achievement heavily supported by SiS.

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