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MET is a cycling helmet manufacturer, based in Talamono, a small town in the Italian Alps. The company is one of the oldest helmet producers and makes them for a range of cycling disciplines, including road and mountain biking.



Despite being founded in 1987 by Massimiliano Gaiatto and his wife Lucianna Sala, MET was not Gaiatto’s first foray into the cycling industry. His family were already running the successful cycling footwear company Brancale.

However, so intensive was the business of developing shoes for the likes of Greg LeMond, Gaiatto was keen to find another niche within the sport. The couple set on helmets given their lack of development at the time - keen to produce products that would protect riders in a time when safety standards didn’t exist.

By the early 1990s, MET was already supplying French talents Luc Leblanc and Richard Virenque with its products.

MET’s forward-thinking approach put it well ahead of the competition as helmet technology advanced - with certain technologies pioneered by the company, such as ABS injection-moulded helmets. With helmets becoming mandatory in the early 2000s, MET found itself in the perfect position to capitalise on demand and offer protective equipment to pro riders.

Up until 2012, all parts of the business took place on its one site in the shadow of the Italian Alps. However, due to economic and logistical pressures, MET outsourced its manufacturing to Asia in a bid to keep ahead of its rivals.

The impact that Covid-19 had on much of the cycling industry also impacted MET. The company benefited from the sales boom and has launched over 10 new models since September 2020.

Key Moments

1987 - After finding the process of developing a helmet for Greg LeMond - which took two years - too stressful, Gaiatto decided to leave behind the family business and launch his own. MET was launched and became a pioneer in bike helmet technology.

2012 - MET moved its production line to Asia in 2012, a move that wouldn’t have been taken lightly for a family-run business that has been situated in Lombardy and that had done everything under one roof for its entire history up to that point.

2017 - To celebrate its 30th anniversary, MET released the Trenta 3K Carbon, an aerodynamic road helmet with more carbon in it than any MET helmet before it.

If you only do one thing, do it well. Our goal is to make a valuable contribution to cycling rather than just having a commercial product. Of course, we need to stay afloat, but we’re confident that designing helmets for cycling is central to our future

Massimiliano Gaiatto

MET's products

Tri-Aero: MET’s high-performance range, designed for triathletes, time triallists, track cyclists and road cyclists has speed at the forefront of its mind. The Drone Wide Body and the Codatronca are both full-wrap helmets that aim to lower drag and improve aerodynamics. Meanwhile, the Manta is an aero helmet that also offers great ventilation, fit for triathlons and road cycling events.

Road: MET’s largest product discipline is its road range. Its flagship Trenta model weighs 250g as standard, with the 3K Carbon model shaving off a further 25g. The company offers five other road models, with the Rivale the next best in class.

MTB: The off-road range from MET covers a range of disciplines, from the Parachute MCR for enduro, to the Veleno for XC and gravel. The Roam, Terranova and Echo are also solid all-rounders in its MTB range.

Urban: The Intercity is MET’s leading urban helmet, with more safety features than ever before. The Urbex, Mobilite and Corso are also well-suited to commuters and e-bikers.

Active: MET’s active range covers gravel, touring and general use with the Allroad suitable for - as it says - all of those disciplines! The Miles is a sport and city-use option, whilst the Crossover and Downtown are good choices for touring and trekking.

Kids: The Eldar is an MTB-specific helmet from MET and it is one of three kids' helmets that the brand offers. The Crackerjack and Hooray are ideal for kids and toddlers respectively.

Did you know?

Tadej Pogačar’s iconic tufts of hair are created by MET’s Trent 3K Carbon helmet design. The helmet sweeps air in and upwards, drawing stems of hair out through the vents.

Pro cycling

Current sponsorships: UAE Team Emirates, UAE Team ADQ


  • Following his return to the sport, David Millar (Saunier Duval-Prodir) won the stage 14 individual time trial at the 2006 Vuelta a España with a MET helmet.
  • Millar would win the Paris-Nice prologue in 2007, followed by the British National ITT Championship - over a minute and a half faster than his nearest rival.
  • Mark Cavendish used MET helmets during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, as the Dimension Data team won five stages at the 2016 Tour - four from Cavendish and one from compatriot Steve Cummings.
  • MET launched its 30th anniversary Trenta 3K Carbon helmet in 2017 - an aero helmet that is still popular today among pros and everyday cyclists alike.
  • Tadej Pogačar won back-to-back Tour de France titles in 2020 and 2021, using MET helmets throughout both editions.
  • Spanish national champion Mavi García won UAE Team ADQ’s two Women’s World Tour events in 2022 - stage 3 of the Vuelta a Burgos Feminas and the Classic Lorient Agglomération - Trophée Ceratizit.

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