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BH is a Spanish bicycle manufacturer founded in 1909. Alongside its race bikes, BH manufactures a range of gravel, cyclo-cross, mountain and electric bikes.



Founded in 1909 in Eibar, Spain, by Cosme, Domingo and Juan Beistegui Albistegui, BH was originally an arms manufacturer, although it pivoted away from that after World War One. That realignment brought bikes into focus and BH has been one of Spain’s leading bike manufacturers ever since.

From the outset, the company enjoyed plenty of success, especially in the realms of racing where Gustaaf Deloor won the first two editions of the Vuelta a España - Spain’s biggest race - while riding BH bikes.

That success was also emulated away from racing and in 1959 BH moved to a larger facility with modern facilities in Vitoria. It’s remained the company’s headquarters ever since, from where it has developed high-quality bikes and components for a range of disciplines.

In 1970, BH turned some of its focus indoors through BH Fitness, an off-shoot company dedicated to indoor cycling with a range of indoor bikes.

During its illustrious history, the company can boast multiple technological innovations, such as the NEO range, Ultralight frames, Global Concept and the Lynx double suspension for MTBs.

The brand introduced its first e-bike in 2006, the Easy Motion, before winning a Eurobike award only three years later for its NEO e-bike.

From mountain to aero road, the Spanish brand currently offers over 13 bikes across multiple disciplines.

Did you know?

Over 100 years after founding the company in 1909, the Beistegui family is still at the head of BH bikes.

Pro cycling

Current sponsorships

  • Burgos BH
  • BH Coloma Team


  • Gustaaf Deloor won the inaugural edition of the Vuelta a España in 1935 atop a BH bike. The Belgian rider teamed up with his BH bike to make it back-to-back wins the year after in 1936.
  • After sustained growth, BH’s operations outgrew its facilities and the company moved to a new headquarters located in Vitoria in 1959. The company is still based there today.
  • In 1986, BH enjoyed more Vuelta a España success as Álvaro Pino powered to overall victory for Zor-BH. A year later Federico Echave won stage 20 of the Tour de France atop Alpe d'Huez, becoming the first Spanish rider to have his name added to one of the 21 hairpin bends.
  • With the company already manufacturing bikes for a range of disciplines, BH extended its reach even further in 2006 with the release of its first e-bike, Easy Motion. It’s continued to produce innovative e-bikes ever since, winning a Eurobike award in 2011 for its NEO.
  • BH Fitness was founded in 1970. The off-shoot specialises in static bikes and now has a worldwide presence, operating out of 85 countries.
  • In 2019, Angel Madrazo won a mountain stage of the Vuelta a España atop a BH bike, with teammate Jetse Bol rounding out a fantastic day for the team and company in second place.
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