Who Is The Fastest GCN Presenter?

Published on April 10th 2014


GCN does triathlon, but not like you know it. Subscribe to GCN on YouTube: http://gcn.eu/gcnsubs We wanted to know, who is the fastest? Tom Last, Daniel Lloyd or Matt Stephens? We didn't want to test them on the bike, so we came up with three events to challenge our three former athletes. Any guesses who won? Music: Michael Conn - Alley Cat: http://gcn.eu/1s1QH0o David C Hewitt - Cinematic Rock A!: http://gcn.eu/18SXuPb Deadly Avenger - Hyperion: http://gcn.eu/1hCpmfh Brigitte - I Love Vegas Steve Everitt - Bullet Ballet Atmosphere - Low Down Baritone: http://gcn.eu/18tT8vv Barbara Moore - Daisy Bird Philip Rutherford - God Save the Queen Reg Tilsley - Red Bikini: http://gcn.eu/16JbpbL