What's Your Top Speed? Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

Published on July 8th 2016


Got a question? Get in touch using #torqueback - you could feature on next week's show! Subscribe to GCN: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN store! http://gcn.eu/BuyGCNKit_ Sign up to the GCN newsletter: http://gcn.eu/gcnnewsletter In this edition of Ask GCN, we answer: What’s the best way to deal with hot/humid conditions? [http://gcn.eu/1Q8hXpZ] Is it always the climbers that win Grand Tours? [http://gcn.eu/29dXkey] Do the GCN guys still race? What gear should you leave your bike in when not in use? What sort of training sessions should younger riders do? What’s your fastest recorded maximum speed? Is there a downside to using only caffeine gels and drinks? [http://gcn.eu/1pKRLsz] Does training have to hurt to be beneficial? [http://gcn.eu/1Wf7rPP] If you want us to answer your question, just leave us a comment below or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. Use #torqueback so we can find you! Check out our special edition t-shirt and hoodies in the GCN store: http://gcn.eu/29U7S0F Watch more on GCN... Tour de France 2016 playlist ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/gcntourdefrance2016 Wind tunnel testing with ENVE and Dimension Data ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/29lftb0Buy NEW GCN cycling kit, casual wear and accessories in the GCN Shop: http://gcn.eu/TheGCNShop