UCI President Pat McQuaid Interview Pt 3 - What Were His Objectives As UCI President?

Published on March 4th 2013


What did Pat McQuaid want to acheive as UCI President?
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We asked McQuaid what his aims were with cycling, and his two key goals were to globalise the sport and fight doping. Cycling is still growing, with two world tour races in Canada, one in China, 600% growth in UCI sanctioned races in Africa and huge growth in Asia. 

McQuaid supported the biological passport and believes the armoury in the fight against doping is much stronger now than it was.

Looking ahead, the UCI is researching the future of the sport with the current stakeholder consultation. Team sustainability is important to cycling and McQuaid wants to see a more global world tour with new events in new places. He recognises you can't ignore the history and heritage of some of the great races in cycling.

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