Speed Vs Style - What Would You Sacrifice? | The GCN Show Ep. 313

Published on January 8th 2019


Welcome to the GCN Show - this week, should you sacrifice style for speed? It’s an age-old question, we attempt to answer it. We also have new year inspiration, the spread of the curse of GCN, and 85 free e-bikes. 

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There’s a well-worn phrase in cycling, never sacrifice style for speed. But How much are you willing to stick to it? Now, you might be thinking you don’t care about style or how you look on the bike and so this isn’t relevant to you, let’s be honest, we’ve all got limits as to what we’ll do in the pursuit of going faster, be it leg shaving, skinsuits, aero helmets, tt bars……….or knee-high socks. 

That’s too far… Now, I know you’re going to point out that we’re not qualified to talk about style OR speed, given that we are neither particularly stylish or particularly speedy, we can all have an opinion, can’t we? Luckily for us. I guess first it depends on what you think is stylish, but let’s take the generalised look that cyclist’s aim for, the one that has tended to be set by pro riders. In that context, this debate about style and speed is a relatively recent one. It’s kind of about how dorky you are willing to look for aerodynamics. 

Would you sacrifice style for speed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 👇

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