Pedal Stroke Analysis – Does Your Pedalling Style Change With Gradient? | GCN Does Science

Published on August 7th 2015


Garmin Vector pedals let you really drill down into the fine details of your pedal stroke. Can this analysis help you to ride faster? Click here to subscribe to GCN: We love analysing our power data to see how we're doing and how we can get better. For years, it's been thought that a smooth pedal stroke is better. We think that (along with many more scientific studies) we've shown that isn't the case, but your pedalling style is still an area well worth analysing. Step forward Garmin. Garmin's Vector pedals allow you to look at where you put the power down during your pedal stroke amongst other really interesting metrics. This video has our take on pedal stroke analysis. Do you want more information on this? Let us know which GCN Does Science video you'd like to see next down in the comments. Buy GCN cycling kit - USA: Rest of World: Get GCN T-Shirts and hoodies: Music: Border Crossing - New Star Mattew Sime Ricky Barber - Tres Bien