Is This The Fastest Generation Ever? + Bonkers New Records | GCN Show Ep. 350

Published on September 24th 2019


Is the current generation of young pro cyclists the fastest ever? This week on the GCN Show we ask why they're so good....? We also have some bonkers new cycling world records including riding for 24 hours around a roundabout.... In association with SRAM GCN Stripes - Check out the new colours: Subscribe to GCN: Learn more about our next GCN Events: Register your interest in the GCN Club: If you'd like to donate to Dave's World Bicycle Relief fundraiser here is the link: Submit your content with our new uploader: Join our Facebook community: If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Watch more on GCN... 📹 2019 World Champs Preview | Music - licensed by Epidemic Sound: Alla Prima - Voodulce Four Steps Ahead - Little Island Leap In the News - Marten Moses Human Scream 22 - SFX Producer Kolaramma Road - Roral Ceef Summer City (Instrumental Version) - Aldenmark Niklasson Jonas Elander - Afternoon Swing 3 Hyena - Tigerblood Jewel Velvetine - Ballpoint Chow Mein - Cushy Queen's Jewelry - Cercles Nouvelles Signal - Cushy Abstractions - Aleph One Licensed by Cue: Viper Creek Club - Because I Know (Instrumental) Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto /