I Entered The World’s Coolest Gravel Race! | Grinduro Italia

Clock00:00, Sunday 24th September 2023

Hank went to Tuscany to take on his first ever gravel race: Grinduro. A mix of gravel and enduro, it’s an event like no other. The 103km route heads through the beautiful Tuscan countryside and takes on four timed stages. Hank’s bike is equipped with the super lightweight Campagnolo Ekar groupset and carbon Levante wheels. How did he get on?

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Grinduro Italia
03:02 Stage 1 - La Zinghera Hill Climb
04:16 Hank’s bike
06:17 Back to the ride!
08:20 Stage 2 - Marsiliana Downhill
09:55 Stage 3 - Montioni Jungle Singletrack
11:29 Stage 4 - Le Api Down Country
12:41 Results

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