How Wide Are Your Tyres? | Dubai Tour 2015

Published on February 8th 2015


Are wider tyres actually better? And, are your tyres the width that they say they are? We found out at the Dubai Tour. Subscribe to GCN on YouTube: We set up a very scientific 'spanner cam' - it turns out that the local Carrefour in Dubai didn't carry the doubtless more accurate calipers - to find out the width of the tyres that the pro peloton is using. It turns out that they're using a pretty wide (ahem) range - from 22.8 through to well over 25mm. The funny thing? Many of these are badged up as 25mm tyres. As the riders and teams opt for wider tyres for aerodynamic and rolling resistance reasons, we also wanted to ask the riders whether they preferred 25mm tyres to 23mm, and how the difference feels out on the road. Don't forget to to give this one a like and a SHARE! Buy GCN Cycling Kit! Click here: Get GCN T-Shirts and hoodies: