How To Use Zwift | Zwift For Beginners

Published on September 6th 2017


Thanks to Zwift for the products used in this video, all views are the presenters own. Zwift is an online virtual cycling world that allows you to ride, train or race with other cyclists from around the globe! Si and Matt are here to let you know the basics for being able to use the increasingly popular platform. Subscribe to GCN: Are you a Zwift user? Let us know how you are finding it in the comments below 👇 Ex-professional cyclists Simon Richardson and Matt Stephens are here with all you need to know about starting up with Zwift. You will need an account, head over to and sign-up, you can start with a free trial. You will need an indoor trainer, and something that tells Zwift how fast you are riding. For a basic setup this can be a speed sensor that communicates with Zwift. A more advanced setup is using a powermeter which transmits all metrics to the software. The most accurate setup though, is to use a smart trainer. This will also increase/decrease pedalling resistance dependant on terrain and if you are slipstreaming for instance. You will also need a towel, drink, and we advise using a fan to help keep you cool. Something also worth considering is the Zwift app, this is used as a remote control for the features available. There are three different worlds that you can ride in, these are: Watopia - South Pacific Paradise, 8 routes and 42km of roads Richmond - 4 routes and 18.9km of roads London - 8 routes and 27.5km of roads Zwift has a calendar to show when the different courses/routes are available to ride on as well as group rides and races that are being hosted if you wish to join in the fun. Choosing a route is simple and then you can go for a ride, you can even choose to turn onto a different route as well as doing a U-Turn and riding the other way if you see someone you would like to ride with for example. The screen setup shows all the metrics you need, including gradient and where you are on a route/ride. You can also see where you in comparison to others riding, as well as the watts per kg that they are outputting! You can even customise your clothing and bike appearance onscreen, including an unlockable GCN kit! Not forgetting being able to wave at others, flick the elbow and even give other users a 'Ride-on' There are plenty of training sessions and workouts on Zwift, including 32 GCN workouts and you can even create your own. After any activity the ride data is displayed and can be saved/uploaded to your profile on sites such as Strava, Training Peaks etc. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GCN... What Is Zwift Workout Mode? 📹 GCN Vs. Zwift - Live! Si Richardson Takes On The Watopia Volcano And You 📹 Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /