How To Use Hand Signals And Calls To Avoid Road Hazards

Published on April 2nd 2014


Communication is key to riding safely in a group. This video shows you how to use hand signals to clearly point out potential hazards to those behind you. Follow GCN on YouTube: Riding in a bunch is a fun, sociable and efficient way to ride, but can be dangerous if you don't communicate. While a rider at the front of the group is able to see all of the road in front, the vision of those behind won't be as wide-ranging. It is every rider's responsibility to point out any potholes, traffic or road furniture that might require the group to change direction or filter into a single line. This can be done via a hand signal or a shout to your fellow rider behind. Make sure you communicate far enough in advance to give the group enough time to adjust. Music: All The Beautiful Things In The World - Caged Animals: