How To True A Bicycle Wheel

Published on November 25th 2013


Bicycle wheels can buckle due to a crash or simply go out of true. Daniel Lloyd explains how to straighten your wheels. Follow GCN on YouTube: This is a video that we've had lots of viewer requests for: How To True A Bicycle Wheel. Truing wheels is one of those maintenance jobs that is far easier than it sounds. Anyone can have a go at it with a couple of simple tools. To true a bicycle wheel you will need: Patience A stand. This can be home-made, high-end, cheap, or even an upturned bike. Spoke key. Make sure you get the correct size for your spokes and nipples. (hehe...) More advanced wheel-truers (or builders) may want to use a dishing tool or spoke tensionmeter. In this example Daniel used a high-end wheel truing stand. However, you don't need one of these; if your wheel is slightly buckled, you may be able to true it to acceptable level by using your brake pads as a gauge. Obviously this will not be as accurate as the stand that Daniel is using but it will get you home or tide you over between trips to the bike shop. Music: Hiatus - We Can Be Ghosts Now: