How To Train For Cyclocross | Matt Does Cyclo-Cross Ep. 4

Published on November 12th 2014


Training for Cyclocross is key to good performance, so here are our tips for getting better at 'cross Become a fan of GCN: To race 'cross you need to be able to ride at repeated peak power efforts with limited recovery times betwen efforts. So in terms of training you'll need to build up your threshold. Good sessions include: 1 minute standing starts Lactate threshold sessions Micro efforts Do these on a turbo trainer or as hill reps, and of course off road. Running is also important. You'll also need to be able to run with your bike. Fit in a few short jogs, and include running into your off road training. Be sure to include technique training into your sessions too - make sure you get out on your 'cross bike! Music: Pause - Get to know you once again (Instrumental): Buy GCN Cycling Kit! Click here: