How To Ride In Rain And Wet Weather

Published on October 16th 2013


Cycling in the rain is almost inevitable, no matter where it is you ride. How can you make wet weather riding more tolerable? Here are our top tips. Follow GCN on YouTube: Preparation is key to making sure that a wet ride isn't as bad as it could be. Making sure you've got the right clothing on, be that a soft shell or full on waterproof. Overshoes are also a very valuable investment, and we suggest layering them - as you would any other kit. A cycling cap can also help to keep water out of your eyes and your head warm. Lowering tyre pressures can increase the contact patch of the tyre and therefore increase grip on the road. A thicker wet weather lubricant will help with keeping your chain moving and fitting mudguards, though maybe not "cool" certainly helps to keep you drier. Where you ride can also have an impact on your enjoyment of riding in the wet, and avoiding big climbs where you may get cold on the descents is a good idea, as is doing a number of smaller loops nearer home. Psychologically knowing that getting home to a nice hot shower is easy can really help you with going further than you might do if you're out on a long ride and end up feeling cold, wet and 'stuck' miles from home. Music: Cally D - Take The Time: