How To Not Get Dropped | GCN's Road Cycling Tips

Published on March 9th 2016


Getting dropped is one of the things that makes cycling unique. Here's our guide to making sure that it doesn't happen to you. Subscribe to GCN: Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN store! Sign up to the GCN newsletter: Getting dropped is a rite of passage for every cyclist. It's going to happen to all of us at any given point. That doesn't mean that it should be inevitable, though. In this video we share our pro tips that will help you to avoid getting dropped. Maybe, just maybe, they'll help you to drop someone else. Just make sure to wait at the top of the next climb. Watch more on GCN... Don't worry if you've been dropped, try one of our top 10 cycling excuses ▶︎ Get in shape and DON'T get dropped with our training playlist ▶︎ Buy GCN winter kit, casual wear and accessories in the GCN Shop: Buy GCN Santini kit - USA: Rest of World: Music: The New Mastersounds -The Minx: Jonathan Jowett , Nigel Mullaney - Curly Wurly: The Impellers - The Knock Knock (Instrumental): Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /